The Ideal Poolside Outdoor Living Space with Folding Glass Walls

By NanaWall Systems, September 22, 2021

Generation 4 folding glass walls by NanaWall

Bordering a thick, green woodland, this Southeastern New York residence offers a family of four, and their spirited black Labrador, the ideal backdrop for outdoor recreation. Behind the Colonial-style home, the homeowners saw an opportunity to revamp their backyard into the ultimate outdoor living space that is fully immersed into its surrounding landscape. Key to that goal was the incorporation of a four-season, multifunctional addition that could double as a pool house and entertainment area with the help of three NanaWall Generation 4 folding glass walls.

Creating Ideal Outdoor Living Spaces with Folding Glass Walls

pool house with NanaWall folding glass walls

Prioritizing the Landscape and Lifestyle

The homeowners envisioned a multipurpose dwelling with three sides that could open to the wilderness while facilitating passage into and out of the outdoor amenities. “From the beginning, we wanted to optimize our proximity to the woods and maximize the views as much as possible,” says the homeowner. “We wanted a year-round indoor/outdoor living space that we could easily open during nice weather and close in the colder months without losing a connection to the landscape.” Settling on the idea of floor-to-ceiling folding glass wall systems, the homeowners, alongside architect Luigi Demasi of Demasi Architects, set out to find the perfect product that would deliver exactly what they wanted. The space was transformed in about a year’s time with the infinity edge pool, hot tub, and pool house forming one cohesive outdoor living area.

pool house with folding glass walls in nightime

Thinner Frames for the Win

In search of the ideal system, the homeowners were initially discouraged by the thick frame profiles of the wall systems presented to them. It wasn’t until their contractor, Michael McCormack of McCormack General Contracting, suggested NanaWall Systems that they ultimately settled on the NW Aluminum 840. This system offered the slimmest aluminum framed folding glass walls in the industry, combined with a lineup of many patented features. Not only would these folding glass wall systems maximize views of the wilderness, but they would also facilitate the multifunctionality of the space the homeowners envisioned. “NanaWall was the perfect solution for creating a three-sided opening that could expand the functionality of the space from an open form cabana and pool house to a closed-off living space,” says the homeowner.

Generation 4 folding glass walls with SixFold panel sets

Amenities Become the Focal Point

When entertaining in the home’s walk-out basement, guests are lured to the outdoor amenities where they can lounge poolside or indulge in alfresco dining with the sound of birds erupting from the surrounding woodland. The flexibility of the opening glass wall systems allows the family and guests to watch a game right from the pool or hot tub. The customized infinity edge pool is a dynamic focal point. The pool’s Diamond Brite finish includes selected quartz aggregates that bring out the color of the water. The darker tone allows the pool to become a moving picture, reflecting the moving clouds in the sky and the swaying tree canopies. At night, it comes alive with the uplighting of the tree canopy, the soothing sound of water from the deck jets, and the pool house aglow through transparent panels.

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Generation 4 Folding Glass Walls by NanaWall

As a Generation 4 system, NW Aluminum 840 not only offers a new level of aesthetics with the slimmest frames available but also an array of distinctive features like the smoothest operation and a patented Bionic Turtle® design. This energy-efficient thermal break is dual-purpose and also houses the system’s locking rods. The result is the slim-frame design providing more glass for maximum transparency and natural light. NW Aluminum 840 is also the only floor supported system with FourFold and SixFold Panel Sets that can move and stack either to the right, left, or center, allowing for larger opening sizes and flexible space management. “We love the idea of the panel sets,” says the homeowner. “We stack ours against the swing door so as to not have two sides obstructed.”

inside pool house with open folding glass wall systems

The Solution for Seamless Transitions

The indoor/outdoor living space features a fully decked-out kitchen on the inside with a barbecue grill on the outside complete with indoor and outdoor dining tables. There is a bathroom with a shower and a lounge area with a mounted TV. The pool house also features heating and air conditioning systems to achieve ultimate year-round comfort. The three eight-foot-tall folding glass walls smoothly glide on a thermally broken low profile saddle sill. Standard to this sill is a removable aluminum high heel and barefoot-friendly insert that protects from dirt and debris collecting in the bottom track. “The sill insert is ideal for the pool house environment,” says the homeowner. “It helps keep the tracks clean from debris and provides a safe and comfortable threshold.”

NanaWall folding glass wall systems in pool house design

Advanced Weather Performance

Aluminum framed NW Aluminum 840 is up to 20% more thermally efficient, making it the ideal solution for creating a four-season pool house in New York state. These folding glass wall systems come with standard continuous seals along the face of each panel frame. Furthermore, standard for each system is two levels of insulating thermal breaks for optimal defense from heat and cold. For the homeowners, this was critical in creating a year-round indoor/outdoor dwelling with continuous comfort through any climate.

pool house glows with open folding glass walls by NanaWall

The Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

In the end, the homeowners got exactly what they wanted—a multiuse outdoor living space that fully opens to become a poolside cabana or when closed a guest house or entertainment space all while optimizing the woodland views. The flexibility and design of the folding glass walls facilitate smooth transitions to all the surrounding outdoor amenities. At night the pool house beacons like a lantern in night reflecting on the shimmering water. “The views from inside our house, both from the lower level across the infinity edge and the higher stories above are stunning,” says the homeowner. “We wouldn’t have done it any differently. The NanaWall folding glass wall systems are perfect for the aesthetic we wanted, and the operability has been amazing.”

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