Thinking Outside the Box: Alternatives to the Traditional Commercial Glass Entry Door

By NanaWall Systems, July 8, 2019


When customers initially walk up to a commercial building, what is the first thing that they see? If you thought about that question fundamentally enough, you’d probably realize the answer is the front door. Whether it’s a traditional look or a modern appearance, commercial glass entry doors provide answers to the wide variety of requests and accommodations typically demanded by today’s business buildings. There are a bevy of designs to pick from and the kind of glass entry doors selected will set the tone and style for the commercial business inside.

You Have Many Options When it Comes to Commercial Glass Entry Doors

You have many options in glass entry doors when it comes to updating the look of a commercial building. Taking one look around a shopping center should inform anybody about how many different styles there are to choose from. Best to ensure that you know the variety of styles available and the factors that make each of these styles unique. The more you know about the options, the better you can choose the right commercial glass entry door.

When you're considering new commercial glass entry doors for a business, there are a few things you’ll need to address when it comes to making the right selection. This can involve going outside the box and following an untraditional route to create the ideal customer experience. Here are a few alternatives to the traditional commercial glass entry doors which will make an impact on customers for generations to come.


Aluminum Framed Sliding or Folding Commercial Glass Entry Doors

Aluminum framed glass entry doors are specifically designed for heavy duty weather performance and high traffic applications. Aluminum is strong like steel, but looks cleaner and more modern, and is also easier to maintain. Aluminum framed sliding and folding commercial glass entry doors offer the security and protection needed to hinder unwanted intruders.

The call-out of this design, however, is the design itself. Operable sliding and folding glass doors create a special experience. This especially applies to when an operable commercial glass door is placed in the entry of a building. The ability to completely open the front facade, wall to wall, invites the passerby to free-flow into the store or restaurant. This is an alternative to the traditional glass door, which stands static, opening and closing. A NanaWall design can involve the best of both worlds, an openable commercial glass wall which can completely open the front of the facade while also having a swing door as an entry for when the wall is closed. You have options with an operable glass door.


Wood Framed Sliding or Folding Glass Entry Doors for Commercial Buildings

Wood framed operable glass entry doors are a great, on-trend option for any commercial project. Solid wood framed operable glass doors, can be energy-efficient and withstand tough weather conditions. A solid wood, narrow-framed, top hung system is also capable of unlimited widths. And just like an aluminum framed operable glass door, a wood framed glass door can be opened from wall to wall, creating a unique open experience to customers. However, when closed, an operable sliding or folding glass entry door will have a swing door. This gives options to create the best door to fit the needs of the building or project.

Starbucks Coffee is a great example of how wood framed sliding doors can create a unique on-brand experience. In this case, the NanaWall single track sliding, four-panel HSW66, created more floor space and matched the walnut stain on the floorboards, shelves, and counter space. Furthermore, when the sliding system is open, the panels stack out of sight, leaving an entry that is twice as large as a traditional two-door commercial entry door. This is a great use of an alternative commercial glass entry door.

Frameless Operable Commercial Glass Entry Doors

All sizes and styles of commercial buildings can be sleek and modern with the right commercial glass entry doors to adorn them. One of the reasons why glass entry doors are so popular among business owners is because commercial glass entry doors make a building look larger, sleeker, and very up-to-date. Also, glass entry doors allow for more natural light to enter a room, making a room look bigger naturally. Because of the illusion of a larger-sized room, these doors are appearing more and more often on commercial buildings. The frameless operable commercial glass entry door is the epitome of this, for this exact reason. It creates a seamless view and entry into the store. With that said, be careful as not all glass doors or operable glass doors are the same. Frameless operable glass doors often have less weather protection or are specifically developed for interior use. The key thing is to be sure the door chosen, fits the needs of the building and project.


Final Thoughts

You have many options when it comes to commercial glass entry doors. When customers initially walk into a commercial building, what is the first thing that they see? The front door. Therefore, you want to create a unique experience for your customers and stand out from the crowd. This can involve going outside of the box and following an untraditional route, but this can be done seamlessly with a few alternatives to the traditional commercial glass entry doors. Just a simple change can have a lasting impact on your customers and overall brand.

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