What is Responsive Design? A Look at a Millennial's Dream Home

By Liz Snyder, March 15, 2016

The future of homes is here. Millennials are now starting to buy their first home. They have been using Uber and Airbnb for the past few years, changing the taxi and hotel industry. Now, the way we build homes will change with the responsive designs.

Who are Millennials?

Millennials are people between the ages of 25 and 34. These young people love the ability to change quickly, whether it's clothes, style, or moving across the country. Growing up in the Internet age, they love information at their fingertips. The latest trends, the best ideas in any industry are inside the smartphones.

The toughest challenge for millennials is finding a home that fits both today's needs and tomorrow's wants. They need a house now, but what if they want to move in a few years? What if they don't like their current home's design because of the baby on the way? The ability to change the entire house with little effort is key for the change millennials crave.

With a responsive design of a home, the millennial’s dream house is here.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive home designs are those designs that "respond" to the owner and interacts with them through their different life stages. Right now, most millennials prefer to work hard in their corporate environment. Most of their time is spent in offices that are both flexible and configurable environments that adapt to the way that work has changed in the past decade―open, collaborative, light-filled.

For now millennials seek homes that have a place for a home office and an entertainment space for their much needed down time. Maybe a few years down the road, the home office can turn into a nursery. Later, a porch opens up to the outside at the same spot the nursery was. This flexible floor plan will help young buyers feel better buying one home for all of their current and future needs.

Besides the floor designs that can change easily, there are other unique features from the responsive design built specifically for millennials. Sustainable living styles are perfect for the environmentally-conscious millennial. The responsive design has solar panels and LED lighting to decrease the electric power bill to almost zero. The garage has an electric car charger. The roof has smart sensors that detect rain, then communicate with the garden irrigation system to conserve water if there's too much rain.

Indoor/Outdoor Flow

An outdoor fireplace and porch are perfect accessories for those millennials who love to invite company. The perfect home would be able to let guests easily flow from inside to outside. Opening glass walls can be used to give the responsive home expanded living space and a nice indoor/outdoor flow.

For over 30 years, NanaWall has been creating responsive home designs. Contact us if you would like more information about responsive design for home, office or any other space of your choice.