Slimline Steel Effect

Steel Effect Folding Glass Walls
  • Superior weather performance than steel
  • Greater thermal performance than steel
  • More advanced locking than steel
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Generation 4 Steel Effect Folding Glass Walls

With the slim nature of Generation 4 products, NW Aluminum 640, NW Aluminum 840 can be customized with popular DB colors or Jet Black for a truly classic steel look while benefiting from the superior performance of an aluminum folding glass wall. Simulated divided lites can be specified in patterns of your choice.

Steel Look Design Options

Steel look folding doors

Custom Simulated Divided Lites

steel effect folding glass wall systems

Three Glass Stop Options

Steel effect glass wall systems

Extreme Weather Protection

Powder Coat Options

Choose from DB colors or Jet Black for a truly classic steel-looking folding glass wall. DB finishes include mica pigments that offer reflective, pearlescent, metallic values with a fine matte texture.


Jet Black-RAL 9005
NanaWall steel look folding doors

The NanaWall Difference is in the Details

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modern steel-inspired glass partitions
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steel look folding doors
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NanaWall Generation 4 Steel Effect
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steel appearance folding door solutions
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slimline steel effect folding glass wall
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The slimline steel effect option offers all the benefits of our Generation 4 product line including the FourFold / SixFold floating panel set option and smooth operation with Gothic arch stainless steel rollers on a stainless steel track.

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classic steel look
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Contemporaty steel look
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standard steel look
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With 3 different glass stop options, and the ability to create the simulated divided lite pattern of your choice, this is the ideal solution for a steel look at a tremendous value and with a faster installation process with factory-installed glazing.

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Residential folding patio doors with slimline steel effect
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Modern Design with black framed steel look folding glass walls
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Generation 4 systems transcend conventional design boundaries. With features like floating FourFold and SixFold panel sets that allow for unlimited widths, the industry's slimmest frames, inswing or outswing configurations, clean aesthetics with minimal exposed hardware, and smooth operation (Gothic arch roller), these systems epitomize architectural genius and pragmatic space solutions.

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Aesthetics of Steel with the Advantages of Aluminum Folding Glass Walls

NW Aluminum 640

NW Aluminum 640 is a Generation 4 Aluminum Framed Folding Glass Wall. Very narrow-framed, floor supported system for energy-efficient performance.

NW Aluminum 840

NW Aluminum 840 is a Generation 4 Aluminum Framed Folding Glass Wall. Designed for taller heights, this very narrow-framed floor supported system also offers superior thermal performance.

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