Folding Glass Walls

Our Wide Opening Folding Glass Wall Designs & Doors Perform When Closed


What’s a Folding Glass Wall?

Many people are unfamiliar with a folding glass wall. Possibly because folding glass walls are also called a bi-fold doors, glass accordion doors, folding glass doors, and others. We prefer to call it a folding glass wall. Each panel of the glass folding doors connects to the others and fold as they open—all within a single track. Folding glass walls offer wide unobstructed openings that are not constrained by the fixed glass panels of a traditional slider.

What’s the NanaWall Difference?

Designed. Hand-crafted. Quality. Each NanaWall Folding Glass Wall is a custom, turn-key system. With over 30 years of experience and one million panels installed worldwide, each folding glass door model is unique and designed to provide a specific design solution. Each folding glass wall model is comprised of single-source components engineered for that particular system. This produces a higher quality product of lasting performance. Because people have more passion than machines, each NanaWall folding glass door system is hand-crafted by skilled experts in either our Californian or German factories.

Why so Many Choices?

Because we listen to our customer, each NanaWall Folding Glass Wall was built for purpose. We have a glass folding doors specifically engineered to resist hurricanes, stack and fold flat, high acoustical ratings for offices and schools—you get the idea. NanaWall offers many of these systems in either aluminum or wood, inward or outward openings, with or without swing doors, etc. To help choose which systems is best for you, we developed an online system configuration tool but we’re also just a phone call way.

DOOR Frame types

Our folding glass wall door frame types include aluminum, wood, and aluminum clad.

accordion stacking POsitions

Our stacking systems feature either Inward or outward opening for most folding door systems. We also offer Center Pivot and FoldFlat for SL45 and WD65 systems only.

see standard confirguratioNs

Folding Glass Wall Products

Aluminum Frame Doors

Thermally Broken Aluminum SL60

Energy efficient, all weather performance system with top-hung or floor supported options.

Aluminum Framed Specialty Configuration SL45

Narrow framed, top-hung system capable of unlimited widths with paired panel option. FoldFlat technology available for 180° panel stacking.

Thermally Broken Structurally Reinforced Large Sized SL70

Floor supported, tall panel system designed for heavy-duty weather performance and high traffic applications.    

Thermally Broken Hurricane System SL73

Floor supported, structurally reinforced system designed for heavy-duty weather performance in Miami-Dade and hurricane zones. Including BEARricade.

Thermally Broken Structurally Glazed SL82

Floor supported and contemporary, this system provides edge-to-edge glass on the exterior face of the panels for sleek aesthetics. 

Thermally Broken Superior Energy Efficiency SL84

Very narrow-framed, floor supported system for superior thermal performance.

Thermally Broken Acoustically Enhanced SL64 Acoustical

Floor supported interior system for superior acoustical buffering able to achieve values up to STC 45.

Aluminum Clad Doors

Solid Wood Aluminum Clad WA67

Aluminum clad over solid wood system for low maintenance and exceptional weather performance with top-hung supported options.

Wood Doors

Solid Wood Framed WD66

Solid wood system with specialized weatherseals for superior energy efficiency with top-hung supported options.

Solid Wood Framed Specialty Configuration WD65

Solid wood, narrow framed, top-hung system capable of unlimited widths with paired panel option. FoldFlat technology available for 180° panel stacking.

safe & secure

NanaWall glass folding door systems tested successfully when protecting against forced entry. Also, our folding glass doors come standard with tempered glass for safety.

concealed locking

NanaWall door systems feature easy, single handed, and rattle-free locking. Also, our folding glass wall door systems are free from unsightly surface mounted hardware. 

swing doors

Single or double swing doors can be designed within a NanaWall glass accordion door system for easy, everyday access.

All Climate Performance

NanaWall products are NFRC rated and certified for true energy efficiency in all climates.

withstands the weather

NanaWall products endure the latest AAMA testing standards for air, water, structural, and forced entry.

ten year warranty

NanaWall door and wall systems carry a 10 year warranty on all rollers and insulated glass seal failure.

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