Folding Glass Walls

Folding Glass Walls

Folding Glass Walls

With over 30 years of experience, we’ve created a variety of folding glass walls that are not only beautiful but are tested to perform. NanaWall Systems was the first to introduce and popularize folding glass wall systems in North America.

No matter the size or the requirements of the space, NanaWall Systems are custom made to fit the specific needs of both residential and commercial buildings.

Experience the difference a NanaWall folding glass door can create for any space. NanaWall Folding Glass Wall Systems are hand-crafted and designed with engineering know-how.

What is a Folding Glass Wall?

Folding glass walls come in many different names: bi-fold doors, glass accordion doors, folding glass doors and more. We named our systems folding glass walls to accurately describe the performance and function of our product line. Each panel of the glass folding doors connects to the others and folds as they open—all within a single track. Folding glass walls are energy-efficient and offer wide, unobstructed openings that are not constrained by the fixed glass panels of a traditional slider.

folding glass wall systems

Why so Many Choices?

Our extensive line of folding glass walls is a result of our focus on exceeding the expectations of our customers. Each option was specifically engineered with purpose to solve a problem. Our folding glass walls can resist hurricanes, stack and fold flat to give unmatched views, and create the necessary acoustics for an office or school environment. Find our high-performance features across all our models of folding glass walls whether aluminum, wood, clad, or frameless. Simply use our online configuration tool to help choose the right system for your residential or commercial space.

Folding Glass Walls

What is the NanaWall Difference?

From the hand-crafted design to superior performance in severe weather conditions, each NanaWall folding glass wall is a custom, turn-key solution to meet your requirements. Each folding glass wall model is comprised of single-source components engineered for that particular system. This produces a higher quality product of lasting performance. Because people have more passion than machines, each NanaWall folding glass door system is assembled by skilled experts in either our California or German factories.


Folding Glass Wall System Highlights

Folding Glass Walls


Highlights Include:

Beyond clean-lined aesthetics with narrow profiles for unobstructed views, NanaWall folding glass wall systems offer these benefits.

  1. Quality craftsmanship backed by rigorous testing and high-grade materials.
  2. Open and close with ease, with one-handed operation.
  3. Highly secure tamper resistant locks create a secure multipoint connection.
  4. Energy-efficient when closed to maintain consistent comfort on the inside.
  5. Specialized seals and sill designs combat wind, rain, and extreme weather.

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Our Folding Glass Walls

NanaWall Folding Glass Wall systems are available in aluminum framed, solid wood framed, solid wood aluminum clad, and frameless. The panels can be top-hung or floor supported in inward or outward opening configurations. NanaWall Systems are built with an intent in mind. Our custom product solutions provide more options for how a NanaWall System can transform your space.

Aluminum Framed Folding Glass Walls

Aluminum Framed

NanaWall aluminum framed folding glass door systems are built for long term performance. Each aluminum frame is powder coated or anodized for protection against outside elements. Powder coating provides a strong and durable finish requiring minimal maintenance. Double gaskets provide weather resistant comfort. Explore the NanaWall Systems’ aluminum framed folding glass doors.

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Wood Framed Folding Glass Walls

Wood Framed

NanaWall wood framed folding glass walls are made from solid, natural wood. Where others might find veneers acceptable, we provide the highest quality materials engineered to match any architectural style. Choose from the standard wood options of Sapeli Mahogany, Pine, Spruce, Meranti and Western Hemlock, or browse specialty woods. Eco-friendly water based pre-treatment is applied to each system. Learn more about all available wood framed options.

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Aluminum Clad Folding Glass Walls

Aluminum Clad

The aluminum clad folding glass walls were designed for a dual purpose. This folding glass door system provides the warmth of a wood interior with the durability and performance of an aluminum exterior. This is an ideal folding glass wall system for residential projects. Explore this truly unique system.

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Frameless Folding Glass Walls


Frameless folding glass wall systems create the most optimal and beautiful unobstructed sightlines. These single glazed systems are top-hung with aluminum top and bottom rails—no stiles included. See the options and customizable features available.

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