Wood Framed Folding Glass Walls

Wood Framed Folding Glass Walls

Wood Framed Folding Glass Walls

Where others might find veneers acceptable, we provide the highest quality materials engineered to match any architectural style. This includes both residential and commercial projects. NanaWall wood framed glass wall systems are manufactured in Germany, providing the world-class quality and long-term reliability you expect.

NanaWall wood framed folding glass walls are made from solid, natural wood.

Folding Glass Wall System Highlights

Wood Framed Folding Glass Walls WD65 Hilton Hawaii


Wood Framed Folding Glass Walls

Highlights Include:

Beyond the clean lines and warm aesthetics, NanaWall wood framed folding glass doors offer these exclusive benefits.

  1. Long-term performance and heights up to 10’ (3050 mm) and panel widths up to 3’ 7” (1100 mm) are possible.
  2. Convenient swing entry doors can be placed within the chain of panels or at the side jamb.
  3. Top-hung models that offer inward or outward openings.
  4. Rated, certified, and labeled in accordance with NFRC 100 and 200.
  5. Wood components are 100% solid wood of choice, cross-grained and triple laminated for strength.


Our Wood Framed Folding Glass Walls

NanaWall Systems offers two different wood framed folding glass systems. Choose from the standard wood options of Sapeli Mahogany, Pine, Spruce, Meranti and Western Hemlock, or browse specialty woods. Eco-friendly water-based pre-treatment is applied to each solid wood folding glass system.

Each offers a unique set of features to meet different needs but can be customized to meet certain specifications. Both come with the high-quality, solid wood designs you expect from NanaWall systems.

Wood Framed Folding Glass Walls WD65 Lift Bar and Grill

WD65 – Our Most Flexible Folding System in Solid Wood

The NanaWall WD65 is the most versatile folding system available. A solid wood, narrow framed, top-hung system capable of unlimited widths with paired panel option. technology available for 180° panel stacking.

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Wood Framed Folding Glass Walls WD66

WD66 – Designed for Harsh Weather

Beauty and performance meet with the NanaWall WD66 wood framed folding glass wall system. This top-hung solid wood system contains specialized weather seals for superior energy efficiency.

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