How durable are NanaWall glass folding walls?

German Engineering Excellence

NanaWall solutions are the most tested and durable glass folding walls on the market. 25 years of German engineering experience have refined the products and ensured their longevity. They’re also remarkably strong, and able to withstand even the harshest conditions with ease.

Since the beginning NanaWall has focused on quality design and with long-term durability in mind. We ensure lasting performance thanks to our use of only the finest materials, meticulous manufacturing, and a punishing regimen that tests how our system performs against wind, water, and sound.

One Million Panels Worldwide

We’ve installed more than one million opening glass panels worldwide, perfected the art of custom work, and tailored our products to exacting specifications. And all NanaWall products undergo extensive testing, including over 20,000 open and close cycles, which equates to 27 years of daily use.

The durability of each NanaWall opening glass wall system is built into the unit from its onset. NanaWall opening glass wall systems also feature multi-point locking entry doors, as well as tamper-resistant, dual-point locking rods between panels to ensure each system meets or exceeds all forced entry testing.

NanaWalls is confident in the durability of our products, but don’t just take our word for it – watch how our system survived a hurricane and stood up to 95 mile an hour winds. And how one home withstands the harshest winter conditions year after year.

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