How to Create a Beautiful Entertaining Space

Create Beautiful New Spaces

Enter a remodeled home featuring a NanaWall, and you’ll instantly feel the benefits that this modern addition makes. A glass NanaWall will remove barriers to the exterior of your home, modernizing it and letting the outdoors in – and by incorporating this design into a remodel, you’ll also create beautiful new spaces for entertaining, home offices, and indoor-outdoor relaxation.

A sleek, floor-to-ceiling glass NanaWall will instantly modernize a tired home. We use the highest grade materials and offer more custom options than any of our competitors, making NanaWalls striking features in their own right.

Dynamic Indoor-Outdoor Versatility

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Modern trends dictate that sunlight, fresh air, and unhindered exterior views are crucial, all of which are NanaWall specialties.

If entertaining is an essential consideration informing your remodel, opting for a NanaWall in your renovation you can create a home you’ll be proud to show off to your friends. It’s also one that will leave them buzzing with compliments for your dynamic indoor-outdoor versatility.

If the weather’s warm, slide open your NanaWall with a single hand, flush the room with fresh outside air, and step out onto your deck, porch, or garden. NanaWall owners have created some of the most remarkable transformations during remodels that help homes flow effortlessly onto patios or pool decks or into dream outdoor kitchens or tranquil gardens.

The Most Practical Way to Introduce Additional Space

A NanaWall is also the most practical way to introduce additional space to your existing home. Solid walls and bulky swinging doors leading to the outside are no longer efficient or attractive – so imagine replacing these with a glass wall that offers all of the views and brings the benefits of outdoor living right into your home.

And if your house lends itself better to indoor living, a NanaWall can also revolutionize how you entertain. Interior NanaWalls can demarcate spaces for home offices, home schooling, or living areas during the day – and then slide away to create beautiful and modern open-plan entertaining and dining area for you and your guests.

The options for incorporating a NanaWall into your home are almost endless, and our features are diverse enough to cater to most remodel requirements. Practical and lifestyle issues aside, installing a NanaWall will instantly modernize your home and create a space you’ll long to invite friends around to appreciate.

Take a look at our gallery to see how others have achieved spectacular remodel results.

"The NanaWall is the latest high-end innovation for media rooms. It creates more space, while maintaining proper acoustic protection. We recommend the NanaWall because it expands the space of the media room, turning it into a multipurpose room for entertaining family and friends." - Matthew Denos, Low Voltage Architecture

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