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Finding Ways to Bring the Outside Indoors

Finding ways to bring the outside indoors is currently one of the biggest trends with home renovations. Homes of old may have separated outdoor areas like decks, patios, and gardens from the living room or kitchen – but as we spend more time at home, the benefits of dropping these barriers are more apparent than ever.

Removing the old barriers to the outside of your home may sound intimidating – but change physical walls and old patio doors into a glass NanaWall, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived any other way.

The Ultimate Indoor-Outdoor Recreational Space

A NanaWall opening glass wall can quickly transform a living room into the ultimate indoor-outdoor recreational space, bringing people together for family game nights, dinners, or even just quiet evenings defined by chirping birds. And when you do so, the open doors will ventilate the interiors, mimicking the sensation of being outside and refreshing your home.

Transforming Walls and Delivering a Dream Design

NanaWalls are just as revelatory for entertainers looking to host guests in a striking, health-conscious, and refreshing environment. A NanaWall can also transform an existing kitchen into one that services both indoor and outdoor sections of the home.

A kitchen that transitions seamlessly onto an outdoor deck or patio, that uses a kitchen counter to double as an outdoor bar, is a great way to save costs on your remodel, as the one kitchen will serve both indoor and outdoor spaces.

And if your home is surrounded by nature, there’s no better way to integrate this than with a large glass sliding wall. Push the wall open with a single hand, and you’ll instantly allow the views, fresh air, tranquil sounds of nature, and sunlight to flood in.

Unlike patio doors and sliders of old, a NanaWall is a timeless, modern way to integrate your outdoor and indoor space. They may be the epitome of practicality – but they’re also the best way to make a statement in a chic and modern redesign of your home.

For more inspiration, take a look at how one family transformed their kitchen into an indoor-outdoor entertainment space. And how one family transformed an outdoor area into the most sought-after room of the house.

"One very key concept for this project was the integration of interior and exterior, maximizing the temperate San Diego climate and providing a seamless transition from bar/lounge and restaurant dining to the extensive patio right on the boardwalk. " - Graham Downes, Architect

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