Control Outdoor Elements Transparently

Through innovative NanaWall engineering, ClimaCLEAR™ is a fully transparent, structurally secure, weather rated system for large openings.

NanaWall ClimaCLEAR™ is the only frameless all glass individual panel sliding system specifically engineered for transparent weather protection.

Patented (US 10,590,694), non-thermally broken single pane, ClimaCLEAR has been independently tested and rated, making it the choice for flexible space management solutions for outdoor spaces for both residential and commercial applications.


Tested and Rated
for Air and Water
Infiltration and
Structural Windload


Frameless All
Glass Single Track
Sliding System


ADA Compliant
Floor Track with
Engineered Water
Management System

product ClimaClear doors closed

ClimaCLEAR allows for maximum transparency with no vertical stiles providing natural daylighting, open views, and a clean, modern appearance making it suitable for all design styles.

  • In moderate climates: Use to create an indoor/outdoor lifestyle in living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens.
  • In colder climates: Extend the seasonal enjoyment of outdoor patios, three season rooms, or porches. Create a transparent shelter from the elements without inhibiting the connection to the outdoors.
  • In commercial settings or sport venue applications: Provide maximum viewing and unobstructed sightlines even when closed.

Foot Activated Top View

Transparent Vertical Weather Seals

Standard between all sliding panels and single action swing panels are super clear vertical seals to seal against wind driven rain and to reduce air infiltration. The seals virtually disappear from sight. Light transmittance (LT) of the weather seals has been independently tested and rated for 75% clarity and luminosity.


All horizontal continuous door rails come standard equipped with double fin brush seals on both sides, top and bottom, for weather protection.

Foot Activated Bottom view

Patented Panel Interlocks to help keep the weather out

Proprietary male/female panel interlocks at the top and bottom rails are designed to help keep the weather out. Panel floor bolts are foot activated effectively locking the panel into place without the need to kneel down.

product ClimaClear

System Security

Structural integrity of the system is achieved through the combination of strong rollers, the clamping of the 1/2” (12 mm) monolithic glass, and through panel locking. Each closed panel of ClimaCLEAR can be securely locked in place. Standard to the swing panel is the Reverse Tubo200 handle/locking system with the handle starting at hand height and extending up to the top rail, outfitted with inside/outside locking and an additional lock at the bottom rail. The system has passed forced entry requirements.


Intelligent Rollers Provide One Hand Operation

German engineered roller system ensures quiet, smooth, and trouble free single hand operation by using an “intelligent” guiding system for moving individual panels one at a time.

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ClimaClear stacking

Parking Bay and Stacking Design Flexibility

To optimize space management, customizable stacking and parking bay options are possible.

ClimaCLEAR for Stadiums


Custom Panel Sizes

  • Unit heights up to 10’ 6” (3200 mm) are possible.
  • Sliding panels are available up to 4’ 1” (1250 mm) in width
  • Non-sliding end single action panels are available up to 3’ 7” (1100 mm) in width.
  • In tight stacking conditions where a swing door is not required, a minimal 1’ 8” (500 mm) non-sliding end single action panel is available.
  • Please confirm wind load requirements and with local codes on height limits with 1/2” (13 mm) thick glass

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Offset Hinge Detail

Swing Door for Easy Egress

For easy access, ClimaCLEAR configurations come standard with a single action swing panel equipped with a top door closer at the side jamb. The swing panel with offset hinge allows for a maximum 150° inswing or 110° outswing and has been commercially tested to 500,000 opening and closing cycles. ADA compliant options available.


Single Track Sliding

Offering complex design flexibility, the single track individual panel design is able to create an unlimited span of top-hung panels for straight openings of any size. No “train station” effect from multiple floor tracks.

German Engineering

NanaWall systems are designed in Germany, providing world-class quality and long-term reliability

Unique to You

Each NanaWall system is custom made to order based on your project and your personal preferences

Wide Openings

NanaWall folding systems can replace walls or doors up to 39’ wide, select systems can go even wider if desired

Built to Perform

NanaWall systems meet or exceed air, water, structural, and forced entry tests for weather, durability, and security


NanaWall systems offer a variety of material options and finishes to coordinate with any design

Ease of Operation

NanaWall systems offer single-handed operation and move smoothly with little effort

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