ClimaCLEAR for Stadiums

The First Weather Resistant All Glass Solutionfor Stadiums

ClimaCLEAR is the only frameless individual panel sliding system designed to give you seamless, transparent weather protection, without any disruption to the line of sight to all the action.

ClimaCLEAR consists of a limitless number of monolithic, non-thermally broken panes with weather seals so clear (VLT of 75%) you won’t even know they’re there.


ClimaCLEAR allows for maximum transparency with no vertical stiles providing natural daylighting, open views, and a clean, modern appearance. Create a transparent shelter from the elements without inhibiting connection to the rest of the venue. Provide maximum viewing with unobstructed sightlines even when closed.


Proprietary male/female panel interlocks, transparent vertical weather seals, and double fin horizontal brushes help keep the weather out and protect luxury suite interior finishes. Panel floor bolts are foot activated securely locking the panel into place without the need to kneel down. ClimaCLEAR has passed forced entry requirements.

Ease of Operation & ADA compliant sill

German engineered roller system ensures quiet, smooth, and trouble free single hand operation by using an “intelligent” guiding system. A swing panel is included on one or both ends of the system for traffic flow management. Doors have been commercially tested to 500,000 opening and closing cycles. ADA compliant recessed low profile saddle sill comes standard.

UV & sound protection

The system has an estimated 34 STC sound protection when closed.

Park Panels Anywhere

Every stadium is different. NanaWall is the expert in stadium design challenges. With ClimaCLEAR, optimize space management with virtually unlimited stacking options.

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Within the plane of the opening

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Maximize the use of dead space created by structural obstacles

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Hide panels out of sight and within a pocket with prs-technology

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Window/Door combination with an open corner

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Window/Door combination