ClimaCLEAR™ Performance

Control Outdoor Elements Transparently

Performance when closed matters most

Large openings are easy to design and there are many options to choose from. When selecting a product that best fits your project, how it performs when closed is important.

ClimaCLEAR™ Results

(structural load only applicable with unit with extra locking)

Type of Test Testing Results

Air Infiltration 1

ASTM E-283

@ 1.57 psf (75 Pa): 0.46 cfm/ft2 (without weep holes)

@ 1.57 psf (75 Pa): 0.56 cfm/ft2 (with weepholes)

Water Penetration 1

ASTM E-331, E-547

No uncontrolled water entry
@ 3 psf (150 Pa)

Subject to the following adaptation of the sill in the field by others:

  1. Drill weep holes through the bottom of the inner channel to the chamber below (about 2 x 3/8″ weep hole per panel).
  2. Drill weep holes through the lower front face of the sill to the chamber below the inner channel (about 2 x 3/8″ weep hole per panel).
  3. Drain the water from the outside weep holes away from the sill.

Structural Load Deflection1

ASTM E-330

with 1/2″ (12 mm) tempered glass

Note that the structural test pressures were 50% higher than the design pressures.

Design Pressure

(with extra locking)

@ 30 psf
(1436 Pa)

@ 30 psf
(1436 Pa)

Panel height: 8′4″ (2540 mm)

Contact NanaWall for design wind loads charts for other panel sizes.

Forced Entry Resistance 1

AAMA 1304


Cycle Testing1

AAMA 920

Swing panels 500,000 cycles:


1 Excerpts of results of four panel unit size 12′ 0″ W x 8′ 8″ H (3675 mm x 2642 mm) with three sliding panels (with extra locking) and an end swing panel tested by Architectural Testing, Inc., Fresno, CA, an independent testing laboratory in November 2016.