Screen Classic

Screen Classic - Stored

Stored Easily slides and stacks away to not obstruct your view

Screen Classic - Expanded

Simply slide the screen in place when needed. No troublesome mechanisms or bulky frames to worry about. The very low profile track and guide system allows for full or partial opening of the screen anywhere in the opening.


Video of Screen classic Operation

Watch how easy it is to open and close the Screen Classic

Features & Operation

• The pleated mesh screen with its patented, reinforced wire tension system is designed to create a sturdy screen

• Customizable to your NanaWall - including color, size and config etc.

• Screen moves easily and can be partially opened or closed in any position

• Collapsible pleated screen panels ride a single, narrow, 1/8" (3mm) high floor track

• Screen panels can be stopped at any point along the single track for safe manual operation

• For the occasional mishap walk through, the screens are easy to put back in the cassette and the track

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