SL64 Acoustical LG

SL64 acoustical LG used for School Design for the 21st Century at Joplin

School Design for the 21st Century

SL64 Acoustical LG offers School Design for the 21st Century an extremely slim framed folding glass wall with minimal structural overloading required.

This floor supported system offers an optimal solution for school design retrofits. With sound control ratings up to STC 34, a standard flush sill that is ADA compliant, and compatible master key locking, SL64 Acoustical LG offers school design for the 21st Century the flexibility and transparency that is backed by the rigorous testing and performance NanaWall folding walls for schools are known for.

SL64 acoustical LG used for School Design for the 21st Century- flush-sill

Floor Supported Folding Walls for Schools

With floor supported SL64 Acoustical LG folding walls for schools, the main weight of the system is carried by the lower stainless steel wheel assembly gliding on top of the stainless steel floor track. Floor supported systems are ideal for applications where load-bearing capability of the header is a concern.

SL64 acoustical LG used for School Design for the 21st Century-stainless steel roller on  flush-sill


ADA Compliant Flush Sill for School Design

The Flush sill provided with SL64 Acoustical LG is ADA compliant with an aluminum floor track insert that provides high heel protection. This sill can be installed directly over finished flooring creating seamless integration between interior spaces.

Unique Gothic Arch Roller Design for Ease of Operation

SL64 Acoustical LG is engineered for ease of use in school design for the 21st Century. Hinged panels are intuitive and convenient to operate allowing staff to effortlessly open or close the system on demand. The 2-point contact Gothic arch wheel bearing design provides an equal distribution of weight and permits the system to glide with less friction.

SL64 acoustical LG used for School Design for the 21st Century Joplin door half open

Sound Control Solutions for School Design for the 21st Century

With sound-rated SL64 Acoustical LG, two glass options are possible: 1/4” (6 mm) tempered monolithic glass to achieve STC 32 or 1/4” (6 mm) laminated monolithic glass to achieve STC 34.

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SL64 acoustical LG used for School Design for the 21st Century-floating-panel

Optional Floating FourFold (4L/R ) or SixFold (6L/R) Panel Sets for Extended Opening Lengths:

These folding walls for schools allow for larger opening sizes and flexible space management with the integration of FourFold or SixFold panel sets. These panels are able to move and stack either to the right or to the left within the same track allowing the panels to be stacked in the most convenient location in classroom, libraries, and multipurpose rooms. The system may be either inswing or outswing.

SL64 acoustical LG used for School Design for the 21st Century-Fluegelfang ohne einsatz

Anti-tilt Feature:

Each set of optional FourFold or SixFold panels is outfitted with a propriety engineered anti-tilt feature in the head track. This feature assures that the weight of the panels does not cause the panels to lean or tilt to the side when in stacked formation.

SL64 acoustical LG used for School Design for the 21st Century-bautoleranzen ohne einsatz

Adjustment Features:

System width adjusts with ease. To allow for tolerance, a patented lateral adjustment feature of +/- 3/16” (5 mm) is available at the side jamb. This allows for consistent seal compression within the system. System height is adjustable within the roller assembly.

SL64 acoustical LG used for School Design for the 21st Century-minimal slightline

Minimal Sightline Provides Modern Aesthetic to School Design for the 21st Century

Panel frames are slim and contemporary with a total 3 7/8” (99 mm) junction where two adjacent folding panels meet. Top and bottom rails are a minimal 2 5/8” (66 mm), providing slim-line aesthetics. Panel depth is 2 5/8” (67 mm). To coordinate with interior design programs, horizontal mullions are possible.

System Sizes

Maximum unit heights available up to 11’ 6” (3600 mm)). Unlimited system widths are possible with maximum panel widths up of 3’ 3” (1000 mm).

SL64 acoustical LG used for School Design for the 21st Century-Acoustical_joplin_half

Swing Doors and Security

To accommodate traffic flow, SL64 Acoustical LG configuration options allow for an up to 3’ 3” (1000 mm) swing panel. Additionally, swing panels can be added to an odd number of panels hinged to the jamb. Optional higher kickplates, panic hardware, and top door closers are available.

SL64 acoustical LG used for School Design for the 21st Century-Acoustical Joplin Door Open

Locking and Handles

Concealed multi-point locking operates with the turn of a handle. The top and bottom shoot bolts have approximately a 1” (25 mm) throw for maximum security locking into the top track and the recessed locking receiver in the floor. SL64 Acoustical LG is compatible with master key locking found in school design for the 21st Century.

German Engineering

NanaWall systems are designed in Germany, providing world-class quality and long-term reliability

Unique to You

Each NanaWall system is custom made to order based on your project and your personal preferences

Wide Openings

NanaWall folding systems can replace walls or doors up to 39’ wide, select systems can go even wider if desired

Built to Perform

NanaWall systems meet or exceed air, water, structural, and forced entry tests for weather, durability, and security


NanaWall systems offer a variety of material options and finishes to coordinate with any design

Ease of Operation

NanaWall systems offer single-handed operation and move smoothly with little effort

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