Narrowest Stiles with Superior Thermal Performance


Slim Profiles Provides a Stunning Glass Façade WHEN THE UNIT IS CLOSED

The panel stiles and rails on the SL80/81 are available as narrow as 1 7/8” wide. When the system is closed, the stiles where the folding panels meet measure 4 1/8” (104 mm) providing maximum views and minimum vertical obstruction.

The system is offered with different profile options. The SL80 has a rounded softline profile and the SL81 has an angular profile.

Provides the Best Thermal Performance for an Aluminum Folding System

Superior U-Values are achieved with a specially designed web of polyamide plastic reinforced with glass fibers thermal break in panel and frame profiles that are 3 1/8” thick. Multi-chamber profiles with 1 3/16” wide quadruple thermal insulation and cavities can accommodate either double or triple insulated glass provides the best heat insulation meeting the latest European Energy saving regulations (EnEV).

Superior Acoustical Performance

The SL80/81 system with the higher weather performance sill has been tested by an independent acoustic lab for acoustical performance. Using double insulated laminated glass (with an STC of 47) on both sides, the SL80/81 system achieved a unit STC of 45. Using double insulated glass (with an STC of 38), the SL80/81 system achieved a unit STC of 38.

Large Panel Sizes Possible

Frame heights up to 10’ tall and panel widths up to 3’2” are possible. View size chart maximum height and width combinations.

Size Chart


Life Cycle Performance

The SL80/81 system meets the European
EN 1191 Class 3 classification
where a unit is tested after 20,000
opening and closing cycles and
is still functional.

Two Profile Choices

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