Beauty & Performance Of Solid Wood



Enhanced Peformance

The NanaWall WD66 offers better protection from wind and rain in a solid-wood frame.  Special seals around the entire frame, between the panels, and even between the concealed hinges make this one of the best performing solid-wood operable glass walls available.  

European styling adds a picture frame like quality while allowing more light and more glass with each panel. The 360 degree sealing combined with the energy efficiency of solid wood makes this a great choice for any climate

A Solid Wood Folding Glass Wall Designed For Harsh Weather


Inward Or Outward Opening

Door panels when opened can stack to the inside or outside, whichever best fits your design

Swing Door For Everyday Use

Add more flexibility by including a swing door for easy access. When you don't need to fully open the system, a swing door is useful.

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Kitchen Transition

A NanaWall specialty configuration combining both a pass-through window and folding door into the same opening is just one of the many wall designs possible.

Floor Track Choices

Select a floor track that works best with your design. Exterior and interior options are available for various application types.

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