Salt Rivers Field | Arizona Diamondbacks & Colorado Rockies

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Salt River Field at Talking Sticks is the first baseball facility built on Native American Land, and is the shared Spring Training destination of the Arizona Diamondbacks & Colorado Rockies. It is also LEED Gold certified, and one of the most innovative facilities in the country – and NanaWall sL45 installations are a prominent design feature of the joint stadium and separate training facilities.

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The Operable Glass Wall Solution for Press Boxes

These operable wall systems are essential to the press and stadium staff. According to Andy Henning from HKS Sports & Entertainment Group, “The Spring Training facility actually had a need for operable wall systems in more than one area, simply due to the nature of certain baseball spaces such as the press box, scoreboard control room, and radio and television booths,” says Henning. In each of these spaces, “The connection to the exterior environment and the energy of the game is critical.”

Expandable Workout Space

NanaWall operable glass walls are utilized in the separate training facilities of each team. “An operable wall system also became an important requirement at each of the team clubhouse weight room areas, says Henning, “in order to take advantage of the ideal spring climate and allow player workouts to extend to the exterior of the weight room space for more intense exercises such as medicine ball drills and cardiovascular programs.”

HKS Sports & Entertainment Group looked at other operable wall systems such Kawneer and Fleetwood, but they went with NanaWall. “In the end, even though there were less expensive options available, NanaWall was chosen,” according to Henning and HKS, because of “its proven track record as it related to both smooth and easy operation along with product reliability and durability.”

“NanaWall was chosen, because of “its proven track record as it related to both smooth and easy operation along with product reliability and durability.”

HKS Sports & Entertainment Group utilized NanaWall SL45 systems to provide unobstructed views, natural daylight, ventilation, and expandable workout space.

According to Henning, “Both the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies have expressed appreciation to HKS and the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community for recommending and implementing the NanaWall systems in the project due to the product living up to the promises made.  From an architectural standpoint, HKS feels that the weight rooms at each clubhouse are very exciting and defining spaces of the overall facility.”

Energy Efficiency

NanaWall systems helped contribute to a 23.5% overall energy savings for the 140-acre facility. Salt River Fields at Talking Stick became the first LEED Gold Certified Sports Venue in the country. Altogether, the facility utilized 88 panels, 32 0f which are part of the massive 65-foot and 39-foot openings of the Rockies and Diamondbacks strength and conditioning buildings. Each of these systems contains an operable swing door for easy access.

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The other 56 panels can be found around the 11,000-seat stadium. The luxury and press suites, for example, contain eight panels with no fenestration. When the system is closed the press or fans can have clear views of the game while maintaining privacy; the SL45s have tremendous sound attention and provide insulation from the Arizona sun.

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