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This newly remodeled patio has enough area to fit all the entertainment amenities necessary

A beautiful community in Washington sits directly on the edge of the vast, scenic Lake Sammamish. For a long time, the homeowners of a two-story house in that community could barely even see the lake because of the way their 18 year old house was oriented—it was like being at a Cirque Du Soleil show while wearing a sleeping mask or turning your back to a sunset.

At a certain point, the homeowners determined it was time to take advantage of their prime real estate and build out a deck with a view that most can’t match.

The homeowners decided that, if they’re going to rebuild, they might as well go big. They communicated their lofty vision to the deck designer and identified three essential elements for the new deck: a covered area for lounging and dining, Mbrico porcelain tile, and a 15-foot NanaWall system to replace the original small and outdated slider.

The new view onto the beautiful Lake Sammamish

The deck was expanded significantly from its original size to make it a place to entertain houseguests. The initial patio wasn’t even large enough to hold a four-person table. Now the deck is home to a lounge area with a fire table, a large 10-top table for dining, an open space for serving and cooking, multiple heaters, and two dog beds.

To top off the entertainment experience, the homeowners installed a discretely wired Sonos audio system. With top of the line speakers and ample room on the patio, it has all the makings for a proper party out there.

Essential to the hosting capabilities of the new deck is the NanaWall SL60 folding glass wall system. The system divides the open-air deck and the indoor dining area. The 15-foot opening makes it easy for guests to move indoors or outdoors as they please and extends the overall area of the space.

“We had a fantastic contractor GLG Homes who helped us make all the right finish decisions.”

The NanaWall SL60 system can open or close the patio off to the rest of the home

But some days the homeowners don’t host guests on the patio. One good reason not to would be because Washington is known to get cold at times. On these days, the closed NanaWall system blocks the outside temperature from creeping inside. The performance of the SL60 system keeps the interior warm and the home energy efficient, which is critical given Washington’s strict state energy codes.

Apparent from the region they chose to live in, the homeowners love the outdoors. Generally, people that live in the beautiful Northwest do. However, the prior setup of the home and deck didn’t bring much of the outdoors into the house. The deck remodel and the implementation of the NanaWall system allows the homeowners to be more in touch with the local outdoor environment that they appreciate so much.

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