3 Revolutionary Office Designs with an Acoustic Frameless Glass Partition

By NanaWall Systems, March 27, 2024

acoustic frameless glass partition

In the world of office design, architects and interior designers face a unique challenge: balancing aesthetics, flexibility, and daylight with sound quality. Enter PrivaSEE by NanaWall - a transformative acoustic frameless glass partition that seamlessly combines maximum transparency with superior sound control. This unique technology, exclusive to NanaWall, revolutionizes workplace design, creating visually striking yet acoustically comfortable environments. Let’s explore the unique features and benefits of PrivaSEE and see how design pros are reimagining the “office” using unparalleled clarity and top-notch acoustical ratings. 

PrivaSEE acoustic frameless glass partition

Dive into the PrivaSEE Advantage: Acoustic Frameless Glass Partition with a Unit STC 36

At the forefront of innovative design is PrivaSEE, a frameless individual panel sliding glass wall system. Its remarkable Unit STC 36 rating ensures exceptional sound buffering capabilities, independently tested in certified and accredited labs. Unlike conventional partitions, PrivaSEE offers a harmonious blend of style and performance, thanks to its patented technology that seals panel to panel and to the top track and floor, providing a truly disappearing design. This top-hung all glass system boasts an intelligent gilding roller system, ensuring ease of use. Panels effortlessly slide outside the plane of the opening (if desired) and into closets or can conveniently stack adjacent to the swing panels at the jamb. Requiring no sill or floor track, simple floor sockets provide an ADA-compliant, seamless transition between spaces. Moreover, PrivaSEE offers a range of acoustic glass options, including STC 32 and 34, in addition to the unprecedented Unit STC 36 rating, catering to various acoustical requirements. Architects and interior designers appreciate PrivaSEE’s emphasis on transparency and harnessing daylight, while its specialized acoustical seals emphasize clarity and luminosity while enhancing acoustical performance. 

Transforming Office Spaces: Three PrivaSEE Applications

interior acoustic frameless glass partition

PrivaSEE acoustic frameless glass partition offers a range of options for office configurations, catering to the evolving needs of modern workplace design. Originally limited to straight configurations, PrivaSEE now boasts the versatility of 90-degree open corner designs and 135-degree angle changes, providing architects with exceptional design freedom. 

Excel Dryer: Embracing Open Corner Designs 

PrivaSEE has sparked a revolution at the Excel Dryer Office by embracing an open corner design, flooding the space with natural light, and creating a more inviting work environment. This flexible office design demonstrates how PrivaSEE effortlessly accommodates “room within a room” applications, allowing architects to break conventional layouts. The integration of PrivaSEE panels in the Excel Dryer Office not only ensures acoustic privacy but also enhances aesthetic openness. In the innovative redesign led by Fennick McCredie Architecture, PrivaSEE’s versatility shines through as it effortlessly achieves open corner designs, blending form and function for a dynamic workspace. 

all glass acoustic glass wall partition

AUSA: An Acoustic Frameless Glass Partition with Recessed Head Tracks 

At the AUSA Office, PrivaSEE is incorporated with a recessed head track to elevate the workspace’s interior design, ensuring a clean and refined look. This integration underscores PrivaSEE’s commitment to functional excellence and highlights its ability to address specific spatial needs. Seamlessly blending aesthetics with acoustical integrity, the frameless glass wall system effectively divides the training area from the adjacent employee lounge. When opened, the acoustic frameless glass partition creates a spacious event area, highlighting adaptability. The skillful implementation by Interplan Inc., further emphasizes modernity and acoustic privacy while emphasizing functionality and aesthetic appeal. 

NanaWall acoustic frameless glass partition

Management Consulting Firm: Versatile Configurations and Swing Doors

The office of a prestigious Management Consulting Firm exemplifies the epitome of flexibility in transparent space division, with a pronounced emphasis on acoustical integrity and light-filled spaces. With requirements of swing panels at the jam on one or both ends, this project highlights the versatility of NanaWall acoustic frameless glass partition systems. Tailored configuration options and the integration of swing doors provide a solution that seamlessly adapts to dynamic workspace needs. PrivaSEE’s adaptability in this setting highlights its ability to offer privacy and sound control while maintaining accessibility and office layout flow. At the renowned offices of the Management Consulting Firm, known for strategic insights, the design team at OTJ Architects chose PrivaSEE for its exceptional acoustical performance, showcasing a commitment to both sophistication and efficiency in office design. 

Conference room design with acoustic frameless glass partition system

Final Thoughts

PrivaSEE by NanaWall epitomizes a harmonious blend of design and functionality, addressing the contemporary office’s dual needs for openness and acoustical privacy. Its innovative approach to sound control and its sleek, frameless aesthetic make the PrivaSEE acoustic frameless glass partition system the pinnacle of office design solutions. Whether enabling open corner designs, ensuring clean aesthetics with recessed head tracks, or offering versatile configurations and swing doors, PrivaSEE stands as the definitive answer for modern office interiors aiming to foster productivity, collaboration, and well-being.

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