Blissful Mountain Home Is Aglow with Clad Folding Glass Walls

By NanaWall Systems, December 8, 2022

clad folding glass walls

Methow Valley in Washington offers a magnificent display of changing seasons throughout the year. The mountainous landscape, paired with endless tree canopies, is beauty to behold from the front porch of this contemporary, single-story home near Mazama. The soon-to-be homeowners, living in Oregon at the time, were drawn to the empty 2-acre lot surrounded by tall pine trees and open meadows and were quick in their decision to purchase and build from scratch. Akin to the natural landscape and cross-country ski trails of the area, they envisioned a home that kept true to their indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Key to that vision was the implementation of the NanaWall clad folding glass walls overlooking the meadow below.

Modern Mountain Design for the Win

The home’s foundation was set atop a sloping hill and designed with an advantageous south-facing orientation overlooking the valley. Originally, the couple leaned toward building a classic timber frame house traditional to live in the woods. However, after touring the local community and other contemporary homes, they embraced the prospect of a modern dwelling and called upon the expertise of CAST Architecture and Bjornsen Construction to turn their concept into reality. Capitalizing on landscape views and the indoor/outdoor experience was prioritized, as well as creating a functional space within a single-story floor plan. Project architect, Sofia Soto, conceptualized a horseshoe-shaped structure with an envelope of steel, concrete, large windows, and moveable glass walls.

aluminum clad folding glass walls

Walls of Wood Pay Homage to the Natural Environment

Inside, the home features an authentic cabin aesthetic with warm wood accents and juxtaposing concrete floors. At night, the walls seem to glow like a lantern releasing an amber glow amidst the tree canopies. The interior wood ceiling extends to the overhang above the veranda—guiding the eye to the outdoors. The open-concept kitchen features cabinetry made from local Douglas fir, creating a continuous warm aesthetic throughout the home. The large center island offers plenty of space for prepping meals and encourages social interaction when entertaining friends and family. Even the expansive fenestration is framed by the same wood species, creating a seamless flow of the material throughout. The naturally insulative material also helps maintain the heat indoors during the cold weather months—a win-win.

solid wood with aluminum clad folding doors

The Aluminum Clad Solution for Maximum Transparency

The intentionally tall ceilings enhance the sense of space while protecting interiors from the summer heat and allowing the winter sun to naturally warm the space through the windows. Centered between the courtyard and veranda, the open concept living areas seamlessly spill to the outdoors via a set of NanaWall clad folding glass walls. These weather-performing systems offer maximum transparency for picture-perfect views and increased functionality. When opened, the panels glide smoothly and neatly stack out of the way for an unobstructed transition to the outdoor living areas while allowing the fresh breeze to flush the interior. This truly immersive design allows for a one-of-a-kind experience throughout the changing seasons.

wood aluminum clad NanaWall doors

Clad Folding Glass Walls: The Best of Both Worlds

Wood and aluminum come together to create the ultimate weather-performing and aesthetically pleasing moveable glass walls. Durable thin frames optimize landscape views without sacrificing ease of operation or weather performance. The interior profiles are framed with Douglas fir wood to match the warm indoor aesthetics while the exterior aluminum frames seamlessly blend with the home’s envelope. In addition, these systems can be customized with swing doors for optimal flexibility and performance sills for additional weather protection. With over 200 powder coating options and a range of specialized wood species, these clad folding glass walls can be customized to any aesthetic.

mountain home with clad folding glass wall systems

Weather Performance When Needed Most

NanaWall moveable glass walls are independently tested for air, water, structural, forced entry, and operation with excellent results. Engineered to perform in harsh climates, these systems feature thermal breaks to ensure maximum comfort even when lounging right up against the glass. Methow Valley experiences harsh, snowy winters and the higher altitude exposes the home to strong winds and rainfall. NanaWall clad folding glass walls offered strength, durability, low maintenance, and thermal performance to withstand the local climate. In fact, the entire design and material choices for the home were specified with weather protection in mind. The low-slope roof design, broad overhangs, concrete floors, and moveable glass walls all contribute to creating an energy-efficient home—staying cool in the summer and retaining heat in the winter.

energy-efficient clad folding glass wall

Designing the Ideal Mountain Home Getaway

An expansive courtyard sits at the rear of the home between the two primary wings providing a protected outdoor living space for cooling down in the Summer or enjoying a bonfire in Winter. On the other side, a spacious covered veranda offers the ideal space to lounge while admiring the views of the meadow and mountains beyond. When the clad folding glass walls are opened, these outdoor living spaces combine with the main interior living area to create a seamless indoor/outdoor space perfect for entertaining or enveloping oneself with the scents and sounds of the natural environment. The utility wing features a multipurpose room with a Murphy bed and built-in cabinetry that allows the room to transform into a guest bedroom when needed.

NanaWall clad folding glass walls

Final Thoughts

The landscape and the home’s striking contemporary design work synergistically to create an immersive indoor/outdoor living experience for these lucky homeowners. The immaculate architectural choices pay homage to the landscape and perfectly complement the homeowner’s lifestyle with plenty of outdoor living spaces and amenities—from the protected courtyard to the workout space in the garage. NanaWall clad folding glass walls add to the enchanting feel of the property, giving the homeowners complete control of their living space and the value of opening their home to the natural environment—and plenty of space for the dog to roam about.

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