Celebrating Commercial Design Excellence: Top Three 2023 NanaAwards Winners

By NanaWall Systems, February 28, 2024

Commercial Design with NanaWall

This year, the 2023 NanaAwards saw some of the most innovative and inspiring commercial projects from across North America, each utilizing NanaWall systems to merge functionality with unparalleled design. As we dive into the top three winners of the commercial design categories of the design competition, we not only celebrate their achievements but also take a closer look at the vision and execution that set these projects apart in a year of fierce competition and creativity.      

Top Three Commercial Design Projects from 2023 NanaAwards

opening glass wall commercial design with NanaWall

Best Commercial: Hilton Scottsdale North at Cavasson

The Hilton Scottsdale North at Cavasson stands as a beacon of luxury hospitality in Scottsdale, the heart of Arizona. This 237-room hotel embodies modern sophistication, from its elegant guest rooms to the Southwest-inspired gastropub and state-of-the-art event center. What truly distinguishes this project is its integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, offering guests unparalleled views of the McDowell Mountains and the metro valley from the rooftop lounge and terrace.

BRP Architects designed these venue spaces with the ultimate performance and versatility in mind using Generation 4 NW Acoustical 645 and NW Aluminum 840 folding glass walls and HSW60 single track sliding systems. They achieved a seamless blend of interior and exterior spaces across 11 key locations within the hotel. This design approach not only maximizes the stunning views but also offers flexibility and ease of transition, enhancing the guest experience by making the exterior feel like a part of the interior and vice versa.

folding glass wall commercial designs

Best Office: Mount Sinai Surgical Simulation Center

The Mount Sinai Surgical Simulation Center in New York is a pioneering facility that offers trainee surgeons a high-tech environment to practice their skills. Located in a repurposed old gymnasium, the center utilizes NanaWall folding glass walls to create a flexible layout that can accommodate various medical specialties. 

The use of folding glass walls in this project has provided the necessary flexibility to facilitate fluctuating group sizes during training sessions, all while maintaining sound isolation and maximizing the use of the high-ceiling space. GKG Architecture used folding SL70 glass walls on this versatile office design. This innovative approach has taken medical training to the next level, offering a state-of-the-art platform for surgical education.

rooftop commercial design with NanaWall

Best Restaurant: KANU Restaurant & Bar

KANU Restaurant & Bar has quickly become Maine's dining and entertainment gem, thanks to the innovative design by Ervin Architecture. Spread across three floors, KANU offers a farm-to-table restaurant, a vibrant nightclub, and a breathtaking rooftop lounge. The project's standout feature is its ability to adapt to the changing New England weather, thanks to the folding SL45 glass wall systems.

This adaptability has transformed the rooftop lounge into a dynamic environment that can open to a stunning outdoor patio, providing a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces with year-round utilization. The addition of "counter-sized" folding glass windows has further enhanced the bar atmosphere, connecting it to the street below and elevating the overall design to new heights.

flexible commercial design with NanaWall systems

Final Thoughts: Reflecting on Excellence and Innovation

As we congratulate these top three commercial design winners of the 2023 NanaAwards, we're reminded of the power of architectural innovation to transform spaces and experiences. Each project showcases the versatility and beauty of NanaWall systems and reflects a deep commitment to design excellence that resonates with both the users of these spaces and the broader architectural community. The Hilton Scottsdale North at Cavasson, KANU Restaurant & Bar, and Mount Sinai Surgical Simulation Center each represent the pinnacle of commercial design, setting new benchmarks for future projects. 

Looking ahead, we are inspired by the creativity and ingenuity of this year's winners and runners-up. NanaAwards will continue to be a platform that celebrates the achievements of those who push the boundaries of design and functionality, inspiring a future where spaces are not just built but thoughtfully crafted to enhance human experience and interaction. 

Stay tuned for more insights and stories behind these incredible projects as we continue to celebrate the winners of the 2023 NanaAwards, and see more commercial applications in our project inspiration gallery!