Welcoming Patio Season and Embrace the Indoor-Outdoor Living with Folding Patio Doors

By NanaWall Systems, August 9, 2023

folding patio doors

Patio season is upon us! As the desire for fresh air and outdoor connection grows, we’re excited to greet warm weather with open arms. Now's the time to expand the confines of your home and living spaces. Imagine basking in the freshness of the outdoors, yet from the comfort of your indoors. All-season sliding and folding patio doors create this fusion, allowing you to experience the allure of indoor-outdoor living that leads straight to your patio. With sleek glass systems that can be customized to fit any space, transform your patio into an extended indoor living space to enjoy the outdoors all year. The epitome of aesthetics meeting functionality.

Generation 4 folding patio doors

Redefine Space: Open Your Home Right onto the Patio

Opening glass walls are not just an upgrade - they are a lifestyle transformation. You can turn your home into a serene retreat. Unify with nature, enhance your living space, and soak up summer from the comfort of your home - all with the incorporation of a single design solution. Homeowners love using opening glass walls to create inviting indoor-outdoor spaces, perfect for summer relaxation, entertainment, and dining.

aluminum framed folding patio doors

Advantages of Opening Glass Walls for Patios

The seamless merging of indoor-outdoor living spaces is increasingly popular, promising flexibility and connection with nature. With these sliding and folding patio doors, you can transform your living room into a captivating gateway to the outdoors, breathing life into your home. Experience natural light's health and space-enhancing perks and create a more inviting, versatile living environment with advanced opening glass systems.

  1. Improve health with Natural Abundant Daylight: The first thing you’ll notice about a home with moveable glass walls is just how much natural light they let in. They flood your home with natural light, boosting mood and health by promoting vitamin D synthesis and healthy sleep patterns.
  2. Natural Daylight: By maximizing sunlight infiltration, opening glass systems reduce dependence on artificial lighting, saving energy and lowering your carbon footprint.
  3. Energy Efficiency & Insulation: NanaWall all-season sliding and folding patio doors prioritize energy efficiency, lowering energy usage and costs. Durable and efficient systems keep harsh weather out year-round and are independently tested for air, water, structural, operation, and forced entry. Traditional, outdated sliders often provide poor insulative capabilities. In colder climates or where building codes require specific thermal efficiency like California’s Title 24, systems can reach U-Values as low as 0.19.
  4. Fresh Air Ventilation: Spread fresh air throughout your home. The fresh air and natural light that floods your new home through the moveable glass walls speak to increasingly important wellness trends sweeping through the real estate industry.
  5. Amplified Living Space: Sliding and folding patio doors eliminate barriers, creating adaptable spaces that suit your lifestyle needs. Increase the space that you have drastically and create more usable living spaces both inside and out. Transform any single patio door, French doors, or even old sliders into wide openings that allow for fluid transitions. Systems provide up to 90% of the usable opening width and can fold in or out depending on your space planning.
  6. Beyond Aesthetics - Adding Significant Home Value: Whether you're designing a new home or refining an existing one, the addition of opening glass doors and windows can significantly enhance the value of your home and living experience. Real estate agents often highlight this coveted lifestyle enhancement in their listings. Opening glass walls serve as a worthwhile investment, increasing natural light and allowing fresh air to permeate your spaces.

folding patio door systems

Choosing the Right Glass Wall System for Your Patio

To truly unlock your patio's potential, a thoughtful blend of aesthetics, functionality, and innovative design is crucial. Systems are fully customizable, and specialists will help you create a beautiful, functional, and captivating indoor/outdoor living space, just in time for patio season! You can select the perfect system for your home from a broad range of options, materials, and finishes, tailored to your specific needs and style is essential.  

NanaWall Generation 4 patio doors

Folding Patio Doors Create Unobstructed Views

Envision a seamless blend of your indoor comforts and the refreshing outdoors. Connected along a single track, folding glass walls fold neatly onto themselves, creating broad, unimpeded openings that magnify and extend your living space. Sleek and optimized system design ensures ease of operation while significantly extending any living space, turning your patio into a transformative indoor-outdoor experience. Folding systems offer more than just visual appeal. They tackle thermal regulation, sound insulation, and weather resilience. More than just a design solution – these systems are a lifestyle revolution, enhancing your patio's potential and inviting a captivating synergy between your indoor comforts and the vibrant outdoors.

Generation 4 folding patio doors and window systems are meticulously crafted for optimal space planning with inswing and outswing configurations. These systems are redefining space and functionality, allowing homeowners to enjoy unrivaled performance and flexibility, unlimited widths, and beautiful aesthetics. Independently tested, and certified, they are rated to withstand high structural requirements and wind loads. No other folding product provides all-season FourFold and SixFold Panel Sets that can move and stack to an opening’s left, right, or center—adding more convenience for operators, and enabling widths beyond those of other bi-fold doors. Simultaneously, Floor Supported Technology reduces the need to modify headers on top.

large sliding patio doors

Large Sliding Patio Doors - Seamless Transition Redefined

Discover the twin pillars of modern patio design: 1) the single track large sliding patio doors and 2) the minimally framed glass wall systems. These sleek, innovative designs transform your patio into a fluid extension of your home, ready to host starlit dinners, tranquil lounging, or lively summer barbecues. Choose the style that suits your vision: sleek minimalism or versatile single-track sliding.

sliding patio doors

Sliding Systems with Single Track Flexibility

Large sliding patio doors are the essence of modern design, revolutionizing how we perceive indoor-outdoor transitions. They consist of independently gliding panels on a single track, accommodating unique layouts and extensive widths. These minimalistic HSW60 sliding systems fluidly unite your indoor space with the outdoors, making your home an inviting hub for starlit dinners, relaxing moments, and lively summer barbecues. Whether it's fitting unconventional designs or bridging a 300-foot expanse, large sliding patio doors bring an unparalleled blend of flexibility and aesthetics to your living space and add a modern touch to your patio.

minimal sliding patio doors

Elegant cero®: Minimal Sliding, Maximum Impact

For those who prefer a sleeker look, our minimally framed large sliding patio doors and walls are the perfect option. The cero system redefines your space with the art of minimal sliding. These sleek, frameless glass walls are more than design elements; they enhance your lifestyle by blending natural light and panoramic views with the elegance of your interiors.

Operating on multiple floor tracks, cero offers smooth transitions and expansive openings, making it a favorite for both home and commercial applications. With a system designed to recess into an optional pocket, it enhances your space with a seamless, contemporary aesthetic. There is even an automated option that lets the walls disappear with the click of a button. By choosing this system, you opt for a design revolution that harmonizes your indoor and outdoor experiences, redefining the way you live and work.

slidng folding patio doors

Tailor-Made Elegance: Glass Systems Customized to Any Space

These design solutions are fully customizable and configurable, tailored to meet any of your home design needs. Choose from over 50 standard colors and 200 powder coats, privacy options. These all-season sliding and folding patio doors are rated and tested for harsh climates no matter the location. Customize any patio door to fit your design style – choose from an array of frame materials including aluminum, wood, or clad framed, as well as custom sill and finish options. With a wide range of color and finish customization options, we can tailor most any of our glass wall systems to create the ideal visual impact for your space. NanaWall systems also offer an array of glazes, tints, and acoustical options, custom-built to perform and transform your space.

NanaWall folding patio door

Final Thoughts

There's never been a more opportune time to make the most of your outdoor space. You can create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor living spaces, enhancing the usability and aesthetic appeal of your home. Whether you're looking to entertain guests, enjoy alfresco dining, or create a relaxing outdoor retreat, performance sliding and folding patio doors are the solution for you.

It's time you maximize your summer enjoyment with a transformed patio space! Visit our inspiration gallery for more design ideas! Connect with NanaWall today and let us help you create the perfect indoor/outdoor living space for this patio season!