What material and color can I choose for my NanaWall?

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You won’t have any issues matching your NanaWall to an existing home’s style and theme. And if you’re looking to completely overhaul the look and feel of your home during your remodel, you can focus it around NanaWall’s extensive options and styles.

NanaWall Has 50 Standard Colors

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NanaWall has 50 standard colors available in powder coat and anodized finishes for our aluminum framed systems. The colors specified in our Powder Coat Brochure are available at no extra cost. If you want to add a natural look and feel to your wall, we also offer a vast range of standard woods, including Sapeli Mahogany, Pine, Meranti, and Western Hemlock. If none of these suit your requirements, we have several specialty woods available upon request.

Handle Options

Stainless steel lever or flat handles and escutcheon plates are available either in a brushed satin, black titanium.

Picking a material and color combination is one of the most exciting parts of installing a new NanaWall in your home. If you’re looking for inspiration on just how many varieties we offer, take a look at our NanaWall aluminum rainbow.

"Designing for California living is all about taking advantage of the mild climate and blurring the line between indoors and outdoors. With NanaWall's many design options and finishes, the correct aesthetic was achieved for this renovation project." - William Duff, Principal, WDA

Get Help With Your Project

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Retail storefront wood framed folding glass walls - Opened interior
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Retail storefront wood framed folding glass walls - Opening interior
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Retail storefront wood framed folding glass walls - Closed interior