What warranty comes with NanaWall?

Industry-Leading Warranties

NanaWall is an industry leader in foldable glass walls, and we’re confident that our products are among the best in the world. Each system undergoes extensive testing and is made to German engineering and American manufacturing standards.

NanaWall is pleased to provide industry-leading warranties on its products – including ten, five, and three-year coverage for certain hardware and equipment.

NanaWall is confident that you’ll love our products and that they will meet all your requirements. To learn more about our industry-leading warranties, please read our comprehensive policy.

Warranties Apply for the Owner of the Property

The following product warranties apply for the owner of the property within which NanaWall products have been installed, subject to terms and conditions.

Ten-year coverage

Many of the core components of a NanaWall are covered by a ten-year warranty, subject to terms and conditions, including most insulated glass provided by NanaWall, finishes on aluminum profiles, rollers, and wood frame components installed by a NanaWall specific system approved or NanaWall Certified Installer.

Five-year coverage

The laminated glass in NanaWall products is warranted to perform for five years from delivery against a permanent material obstruction of vision due to premature delamination. Insulated glass for cero is also warranted to be free from material obstruction of vision due to a premature failure of the glass seal for five years from the date of delivery.

We also provide a five-year warranty against wood and other remaining components not installed by a NanaWall specific system approved or NanaWall Certified Installer.

Three-year coverage

Anodized surface finish of aluminum profile is warranted to perform for a period of three years from delivery as an Effective Surfacing Material.

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