Does NanaWall meet the energy efficiency codes?

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Energy-Efficient Design

As an opening glass wall company, NanaWall lives in the world of fenestration, which is a critical part of any building’s energy-efficient design and thermal performance.

Our priority is to make sure the insulation of our systems will help you and your architect achieve energy code compliance and bring your ideal project to reality.

Qualify for Energy Efficiency Certifications

The codes that apply to NanaWall are numerous and complex, but we work within these to achieve values that qualify for energy efficiency certifications. It’s not necessary for homeowners to know each and every code in detail, but if you’d like to learn more about each you can do so here.

Depending on the specifics of your remodel, your moveable glass wall will need to meet several requirements set by your state, as well as follow guidelines set by the International Energy Conservation Code, ASHRAE 90.1, National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB), National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), and the Energy Star Certification.

Energy Codes for Your Specific Needs

NanaWall takes energy efficiency seriously, and we supply systems that comply with energy codes to bring your ideal project to reality. If you’re unsure about energy codes for your specific needs, talk with a local representative and read our guide to energy efficiency in opening glass walls.

"We also had to work with the Westhampton Beach area officials to meet requirements for a hurricane zone, and NanaWall was able to do so" - Shawn Leonard Architects of Southampton

Get Help With Your Project

Connect with a NanaWall expert to answer your questions and explore how we can support your project.

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