What are the latest pool house trends?

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Increase Your Quality of Life and Property Value

A pool house can be the most relaxing escape of any home, and adding one to your existing home, or improving one that already exists, is a great way to increase your quality of life and property value.

Depending on where you live and how you use your pool, building a pool house can also increase the utility of your outdoor space. Whether you plan to entertain around the pool, have an indoor pool for year-round usage, or simply want to make your pool more integrated with your home, it will be an addition you’ll love.

An indoor-outdoor pool for year-round enjoyment

Installing a NanaWall in your pool house or between your home and the swimming pool is a fantastic way to achieve the best results with your remodel.

As with home design, pool house trends come and go – but these are some of the latest to watch out for:

Having an indoor pool was a logical investment for a physician living in New Hartford, who knows the benefits of healthy living. But when the weather improves in the summer, he and his wife wanted to feel closer to the outdoors. This is where NanaWall stepped in – by including an opening glass wall across the entire front face of the pool house, the family can swim year-round. The NanaWall keeps the swimming area warm and protected from the outside weather during winter and opens fully during summer to combine covered swimming with ample fresh air.

Imagine stepping out of your swimming pool, walking through a large opening, and entering a large, airy pool house where you can enjoy a meal, relax on a recliner, or entertain guests. Pool houses of the future are the ultimate staycation option that allows you to feel like you’re miles away from your home – even though you’re on the same property. A large openable glass NanaWall will take care of both the chic aesthetic appeal and the practical elements, allowing you to feel like you’ve got the best of both outside and inside worlds.

For some, pools may be an ideal place to exercise. But for many, it’s a place to switch off and relax. If you’re part of the latter group, the trend of lounging furniture at your pool house is a must. With a NanaWall creating an indoor-outdoor pool house, your pool-side furniture needn’t be cheap deck chairs, either – the weatherproof qualities of our opening glass walls mean you can have a high-end lounge suite that’s entirely protected from the elements.

Pool houses of the future are the ultimate staycation option that allows you to feel like you’re miles away from your home – even though you’re on the same property.

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Modern conveniences

Pool house kitchens

If you’re remodeling your home and looking to expand your entertainment space, there’s no better place to put an additional kitchen than in your pool house. It’s the perfect spot for an informal lunch or evening cocktail party, and with a barbeque or pizza oven, you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood. An opening glass NanaWall around your kitchen will allow you to relish in good weather and seal it all off when you call it a day.

There’s no point in relaxing in your pool house if you don’t feel part of the pool just outside. And having unhindered views of the pool is particularly important if you have young children who can’t stay out of the water. Traditional swinging doors not only take up added space, but they interfere with your enjoyment of your pool and pool house. A growing trend is, therefore, to drop the walls and small doors and allow for a fully retractable opening glass wall that will create a beautiful pool house that’s immersed in the outdoors

Modern Conveniences

Just because it’s a pool house, it doesn’t mean you should limit the modern conveniences it has. Consider placing a television for sporting events, shower, changing facilities, and a tumble drier for wet costumes in your pool house. It’ll turn the swimming pool into an all-day feature of your remodeled home and a place where you can host guests in style and comfort.

To learn more about how a NanaWall system can enhance your pool house and make it the best place to spend time, check out the application of NanaWall systems in pool houses.

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