Taking Folding Glass Walls to Where They've Never Been Before

FoldFlat® now Available with the SL45 and WD65

Introducing FoldFlat®—a new product breakthrough in the folding door industry. With FoldFlat®, the panels fold and then pivot all the way back to stack out of and parallel to the opening.

Expanded Point of View

Beautiful views are highlighted as the angle of view is increased because the panels are stacked beyond the actual opening. 


FoldFlat® Configurations for SL45 and WD65

Below is a sample of possible FoldFlat® Configurations. For larger opening requirements, an up to three panel FoldFlat® system on one side can be combined with a standard chain of bi-fold doors of the same system



FoldFlat® Updates Newsletter

FoldFlat® was unveiled at the International Builders' Show 2014. We will continue to add more information, professional photography, technical files and design files. Please complete the form below to stay up to date with the NanaWall FoldFlat®.