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Taking Folding Glass Walls Beyond Traditional 90-degree Stacking

FoldFlat® Available with the SL45 and WD65

The architectural community requested 180-degree stacking folding glass walls—NanaWall engineers delivered with proprietary technology.

With FoldFlat®, panels fold and then pivot all the way back to stack out of and parallel to the opening.

180-degree Folds to Maximize Available Space

Capabilities of FoldFlat Technology

180-degree stacking

Easy Operation

FoldFlat offers single-handed operation and moves smoothly with little effort.

180-degree stacking

Full 180° Movement

FoldFlat offers single-handed operation and moves smoothly with little effort.

Benefits of FoldFlat Technology on a Space

NanaWall FoldFlat

Clear Circulation

Occupants are able to walk fully around openings, which is helpful for crowded spaces that need free flowing traffic and clear walkways.

panels that foldflat against the wall

Maximizes Space

Use every inch of a space for its original purpose. Doors that fold entirely against the wall allow full use of space, even in tighter patio spaces.

NanaWall FoldFlat

Expands Views

Folded panels, whether in a window or wall, disappear completely out of the line of sight to create broadened views.


Increases Counter Space

Apply FoldFlat technology to bifolding windows – or the Kitchen Transition – to create extra counter space.

180-degree stacking with NanaWall FoldFlat

FoldFlat® Technology is Available with Two NanaWall Systems

SL45 aluminum framed foldflat system

WD65 wood framed foldflat system

  • Inswing or Outswing
  • Up to Three Panels Each Side
  • Top-Hung
  • Single Floor Track (Flush Sill)
  • Swing Door Option
  • Available in 10 Different Wood Types

FoldFlat® Configurations for SL45 and WD65

Below is a sample of possible FoldFlat® Configurations. For larger opening requirements, an up to three panel FoldFlat® system on one side can be combined with a standard chain of bi-fold doors of the same system.