Kitchen Transition

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Transition a Kitchen into Modernity

The Kitchen Transition

A Window/Door Combination designed for a modern indoor outdoor kitchen.

Kitchen Transition combines NanaWall opening glass windows and opening glass floor-to-ceiling panels. Built by applying dual height panels to existing NanaWall products.

There are two types of Kitchen Transition systems: Folding Glass Walls and Single Track Sliding Glass Walls.

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Why the Indoor Outdoor Kitchen Exists

The modern kitchen is used for more than preparing food; it’s an entertainment room. No longer just for food preparation, the kitchen has morphed into a multifunctional space used by the whole family. It is the life center of the home.

We built a solution that allows a kitchen to serve a modern purpose in a single installation: The Kitchen Transition.

By blending with the outdoors, the Kitchen Transition creates an indoor outdoor kitchen with the open space and enjoyable environment to entertain.

Benefits of the Indoor Outdoor Kitchen Transition

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Simplify Outdoor Dining

Blend the functionality of the kitchen with the space from outside. Avoid buying redundant outdoor kitchenware or struggling to carry food outside through a limiting, traditional patio door option.

Create Additional Counter Space

Allow indoor and outdoor guests to interact over the counter, which can now double as a bar or buffet.

Bring the Outdoors In

Bring natural daylight and fresh air to the indoor outdoor kitchen for more enjoyable everyday use.

Folding Kitchen Transition

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Built with dual-height bifolding glass windows and glass walls that connect with a powerful seal at the counter's end.

Flexible Options

Open the window section, the wall section, the swing door, or the entire system. Homeowners have flexibility to control the openness of their indoor outdoor kitchen, and can operate the system with ease.

NanaWall Performance

NanaWall folding glass wall systems have exceptional performance with thermal, durability, and security. Made from existing folding systems, Kitchen Transition has the same high performance traits.

Folding System Options

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Aluminum Framed Folding Kitchen Transition

SL45 | SL60 | SL70 | NW Aluminum 840

Inswing or Outswing

Available in 200+ colors

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Wood or Clad Framed Folding Kitchen Transition

WD65 | WD66 | WA67 (clad)

Inswing or Outswing

Available in 10 different wood types.

Single Track Sliding Kitchen Transition

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Built with dual-height glass single track sliding windows and walls. Each panel slides independently on the single track.

Unobstructed Openings

Hide panels to create an unobstructed opening. With RemoteSTACK technology, all evidence of the window/door system disappears creating a pure connection with the outdoor.

Customizable Configurations

Panel parking options are numerous with a single track sliding Kitchen Transition. With the aluminum framed HSW60, incorporate a swing door anywhere in the system, or with the wood framed HSW66, place a door at the side jamb.

Single Track Sliding System Options

Single Track Sliding Aluminum Kitchen Transition

Single Track Sliding Aluminum Kitchen Transition


Available in 200+ colors

Single Track Sliding Wood Kitchen Transition

Single Track Sliding Wood Kitchen Transition


Available in 10 different wood types.

“An extra-long NanaWall opens up completely for great indoor/outdoor entertainment flow, providing a preponderance of natural light when closed. While only 200 square feet were added on, it feels like so much more.”

The Many Ways Kitchen Transition Connects Modern Indoor Outdoor Kitchens

Seattle Kitchen Patios


View from Kitchen to Pool Deck

Pool Decks

View from kitchen to backyard


Kitchen with shared space

Shared Spaces

How will You Transition Your Kitchen?