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The NanaWall installation was essential to the success of the Comcast Wholesale design. Comcast Wholesale required a space that would function not only as an inspired office environment, but also as a demonstration center spotlighting the brand’s technological advances on a national level to both the public and private sector as well as the media – a showpiece. The operable glass NanaWall delineates the break and demonstration areas and allows the two spaces to function independently when fully closed during a workday presentation or as one single space when completely opened, expanding the demonstration area to include the coffee bar and catering for events. During the workday, the NanaWall provides a perfect balance between defined space and an open environment, allowing for areas to be designated yet inviting.

We incorporated a topographic map of Denver’s major sites to highlight Comcast’s proximity to the 5280 line. The NanaWall was the perfect medium to add an artistic element that contributes to the company’s forward thinking and innovative culture.

The client was thrilled with the results and said that the new space has re-energized the entire team.

“Much of the Success of the Design is Attributed to The Versatility and Uniqueness of the NanaWall that Serves as the Linchpin of the Entire Space Together”

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