Wood Framed  Sliding Glass Walls

Wood Framed Sliding Glass Walls

Wood Framed Sliding  Glass Walls

Our HSW systems’ single track sliding glass walls offer you transformative design flexibility.

With limitless spans of top-hung individual panels that ride within a single, narrow head track over a single floor track or over no floor track at all—our wood framed sliding glass wall system helps you make bolder creative statements, while producing multiple experiences in a single space.

Sliding Glass Wall System Highlights

Wood Framed Sliding Glass Walls - Highlights


Wood Framed Sliding Glass Walls-Highlights

Highlights Include:

NanaWall wood framed sliding glass wall systems offer single track design with total customization, including the following features:

  1. Accommodate angle changes up to 90° to create almost any shape.
  2. Unlimited number of panels possible for wider openings.
  3. Swing doors available to help with space planning.
  4. Customizable panel stacking bay options away from the opening.
  5. Single, or no floor track option for smooth transitions.
  6. Ease of operation while offering long term performance and weather protection.


Our Wood Framed Sliding Glass Walls

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Wood Framed Sliding Glass Walls-HSW66

HSW66 – Design Flexibility with Beauty of Solid Wood

HSW66 is our top-hung, wood framed sliding glass wall system that operates on a single track to solve virtually any design challenge. The solid wood, individual panels are capable of unlimited widths, almost any design shape, and can park remotely to create unobstructed openings.

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