Top 6 Dreamy Mountain and Lake Home Retreats with Opening Glass Walls

By NanaWall Systems, December 1, 2022

NanaWall opening glass walls in winter

There’s nothing better to look forward to this holiday season than spending quality time with friends and family in a dreamy winter retreat. Make the occasion a memorable, and aesthetically pleasing one, with weather-performing opening glass walls that optimize space functionality and the indoor/outdoor lifestyle. More than just elevating aesthetics, these customizable moveable glass wall systems open your home to the benefits of the outdoors, including natural daylight, fresh air ventilation, and additional space when hosting guests. During winter, interiors are kept dry, warm, and comfortable even when lounging up against the wall. Ready to upgrade your winter retreat for the holidays? These top mountain and lakeside residences will offer plenty of design inspiration and more.  

Top 6 Mountain and Lake Home Retreats with Opening Glass Walls

weather-performing opening glass walls

1. Saskatchewan Home

The homeowners of this lakeside residence were in need of a new entertaining space. An addition originally attached to the home was full of mold and collapsing, which led to the prompt decision to tear it down and start anew. “They do a lot of entertaining,” says the architect, Rosswill Homes Ltd. “Due to the gorgeous lake views, we wanted to create a space that centered around the wood fireplace and accommodated late nights and drinks no matter the weather—what better way to make that possible than making both sides open up completely with NanaWall.” The moveable glass wall systems offer picture-perfect views of the lakeside landscape throughout the year and open the space to accommodate guests when entertaining.  A truly immersive experience to say the least!

moveable glass wall systems

2. Snowmass Village Residence

This winter home takes resort-like living to new heights—quite literally. Perched atop one of the renowned peaks of Snowmass Village, the home’s stark contemporary architecture stands out amidst the snowy landscape. Most striking of all is the multiple floor-to-ceiling opening glass walls that offer complementary views of the location’s cyclical landscapes and the resort village down below. With a popular ski run immediately adjacent to the home, guests have access to endless recreational fun, or they can simply lounge by the fireplace while taking in the views. The 10-foot aluminum framed NanaWall SL70 systems perfectly blend in with the clerestory windows and fenestration surrounding the home. This system is designed to provide comfort in cold climates and excels in wind-driven rain with no overhangs required. We certainly wouldn’t mind a winter vacation in this home!

aluminum opening glass wall

3. Wolfe Lodge: A Ski Enthusiast’s Dream Getaway

Image having the ability to snowboard right from your living room. The team at Wolf Lodge has given tiny homes a new purpose by transforming an ordinary ADU into the ultimate skiing location. Located in Basalt, Colorado, the tiny home features a three-panel SL60 folding glass wall that opens directly to the slopes. This not-so-wide system provides the weather and thermal performance needed for the harsh environment as well as the ease of operation and durability needed for continuous use. Inside, the home offers a cozy retreat for guests with a living room, beds, and a small kitchen area. The ideal mountain retreat for thrill-seeking ski enthusiasts!

aluminum clad opening glass walls

4. Park City Residence

“The client wanted lots of views and indoor/outdoor living,” says architect Rick Otto from Otto/Walker architects recalling his work on this Utah residence. “The owners definitely wanted a large opening [to the deck].” The homeowners were familiar with NanaWall opening glass walls and were set on specifying a weather-performing clad system between the deck and living room. Clad systems offer the beauty and elegance of wood on the inside with the all-weather performance and durability of aluminum on the outside. The system was customized to the aesthetics of the home, from the wood choice and powder coated aluminum frames to the simulated divided lites to match the fixed windows above. Most importantly, this clad system offered the performance and energy efficiency needed for the inclement winter climate.  

aluminum clad folding glass wall system

5. Bearwallow Mountain Rustic Luxury Home

“The heightened awareness of the site conditions was an opportunity,” said the architect of this Bearwallow Mountain home. “Everything was purposeful.” The 5,649-square-foot home overlooks endless tree canopies and the valley below and is large enough to host the homeowners and their extended families. The idea behind the outdoor living space was to create a covered porch that would feel like a natural extension of the kitchen and dining room but without sacrificing the expansive views. To accomplish this, the architect, alongside Bluestone Construction, specified a five-panel performance-driven NanaWall system to create seamless transitions between spaces and withstand the harsh winds at such altitudes. The result is an authentic log mountain home retreat that offers an experience both inside and out.

folding glass walls in snow

6. Whistler Residence

The design of this lakefront home sure knows how to take advantage of its resort town location. Connecting the main living areas to the patio and impressive views of the Southern Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains is an expansive 20-foot folding glass wall. “When the architecture firm was approached to design the cottage, I knew immediately that it was to become more than that,” says architect Joe Rommel of Rommel Design Ltd. A six-panel NanaWall aluminum clad system was specified between the indoor and outdoor living spaces to open at either side like French Doors. An additional system was installed on the second floor facing the lake. Together, the moveable glass wall systems offer an immersive experience with the outdoors, highlighting the awestriking lake views year-round and providing enough weather protection for the entire family.


Final Thoughts

Made with the customer experience in mind, NanaWall opening glass walls are engineered to meet the needs and withstand the most demanding conditions of all climates. Each system has been independently tested at accredited labs for air, water, structural, forced entry, and operation with excellent results. Glass panels are available in double and triple paned options depending on your energy efficiency needs. Swing panels are also available for quick indoor/outdoor transitions when the system is kept closed. Fully customizable to every aesthetic, these moveable glass wall systems are available in aluminum, wood, and clad frames as well as over 200 powder coating options. So, whether you choose between folding or sliding opening glass walls, make the best of your winter retreat with a memorable indoor/outdoor holiday experience!

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