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Single Track Offers
Total Customization

Create an unlimited span of top-hung panels which are able to easily navigate with single handed operation through multiple angle changes from 90° to 180°. Optimize space management or to solve unique design challenges, stacking options and minimal parking bays can be designed with total customization.


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Our Most Advanced Frameless Glass Wall System Ever

Unlimited Spans, Customizable Stacking

A unique combination of aesthetics, flexibility, and ingenuity make the HSW75 our most advanced frameless glass wall ever



HSW75 Toys R Us with tall panels

Taller Heights and Wider Widths:

  • Unit heights up to 10’ 6” (3200 mm) are possible.
  • Sliding panels are available up to 4’ 1” (1250 mm) in width.
  • Single/double action sliding panels are available up to 3’ 3” (1000 mm) in width.  
  • Non-sliding end single/double action panels are available up to 3’ 7” (1100 mm) in width.

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Convenient Handle Height Locking Option

A locking ladder pull integrates a locking mechanism with a profile cylinder at hand height into the tubular designed handle eliminating the need to kneel to lock the door at the bottom rail. The locking ladder pull comes in a brushed stainless steel finish.

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