Stacking Concepts for HSW75

Shown below are animations of some basic stacking concepts.  Please note the following:

  • The number of panels in a system can be unlimited.
  • Stacking can be on the left or right, inside or outside, only on one side or on both sides.
  • Incorporated swing panels can be placed almost anywhere.   The swing panel can be inswing or outswing.  Pairs are possible.
  • The stacking area can be wide or narrow and with additional track, can be located almost anywhere, near or far.
  • Within certain limits, unequal panel widths may be possible.
  • Depending on layout, different panel heights in the same opening are possible.
  • Open corners, multi-angle and segmented units are possible.
  • For straight units with a maximum of twenty panels, the concepts marked with an asterisk, *, can be quickly customized with the NanaWall Visual Studio.  Schedule a Design Consultation.

Examples of Enclosing Stack Area By Others

* Further design possible with NanaWall 3D Configurator