Hurricane Zones

Protects from Extreme Weather

Impact-Rated Opening Glass Walls for Hurricane Prone Areas

built for a beautiful and resilient coast

The Atlantic coast is full of ideal locations for an indoor/outdoor lifestyle—but it’s a Hurricane Prone and Wind Borne Debris area. We engineer and manufacture impact-rated opening glass walls to keep inhabitants’ safe and builders compliant.

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put to the (impact) test

In 1992 Hurricane Matthew caused $4 billion-$6 billion of damage. Ever since, Atlantic coastal regions, especially South Florida, have strengthened building codes. We built solutions that comply.

Systems are independently tested for impact-resistance. Impact rated systems can be approved by the state of Florida or Miami-Dade County. The impact test is intense—launching a 9-pound 2x4 lumber missile into different spots of a system at 50 feet per second.

(Video example of one of our products being tested.)

Palm Island Residence

miami-dade approval

Buildings in High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ) require impact-rated systems. Miami-Dade and Broward County are two HVHZ zones, but others exist along the Florida and Atlantic coast.

Tequesta Residence Doors Closed

miami-dade approved nanawall system:

The SL73 is a thermally-broken aluminum framed folding glass wall system.

NanaWall SL73 earned its impact-rating through Miami-Dade County by passing test protocols TAS 201 (large missile impact), TAS 202 (structural pressure, air, water, forced entry) and TAS 203 (cyclic pressure).

Inswing Approval: NOA No. 15-0226.06

Outswing Approval: NOA No. 15-0226.05

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impact-proven in a hurricane

The SL73 has been tested outside the lab—in real hurricanes. Customer affected by Superstorm Sandy tell stories of the sense of security SL73 brought. Some even told us they watched the storm from behind their NanaWall system.

Despite major damage sustained by our house, the NanaWall System held firm! The glass was not broken, the frame was not damaged, and the door remained closed and secure. We were amazed!

-Jacqueline Z., Homeowner


Villa Bodensee outdoor view

florida approved products

To be used in the state of Florida, a building envelope product needs to be Florida Approved. Systems need to test and pass air infiltration, water penetration, and structural load tests.

We have many products that pass.

Florida Approved NanaWall Systems:

Aluminum Folding: SL45 (FL 17645)| SL60 (FL 17644)| SL70 (FL 17646)

Wood Folding: WD66 (FL 18309)

Clad Folding: WA67 (FL 18309)

Single Track Sliding: HSW60 (FL 17751)

Minimal Sliding: cero (FL 28673.1)