Control Sound Transparently


Specifically for Sound
ALL GLASS Aesthetic

NanaWall PrivaSEE is the only all glass single track sliding system specifically engineered for enhanced acoustical separation. PrivaSEE provides better sound buffering than many fixed all glass partitions. Patent pending PrivaSEE has been independently tested and rated to an accomplished STC of 36 and OITC of 30.

The First And Only STC 36 Rated Operable All Glass System

Engineering Innovation

The NanaWall PrivaSEE achieves its high sound ratings using a combination of proprietary features and components.


Swing Door with Offset Hinge

For easy access, PrivaSEE configurations come standard with a single action swing panel equipped with a floor closer at the side jamb. The swing panel with offset hinge allows for a maximum 180° swing plane. 


System stacking and swing panel can be provided at either one end or both to accommodate traffic patterns.


One Hand Operation

German engineered roller system ensures quiet, smooth, and trouble free single hand operation by using an “intelligent” guiding system.


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