All-Aluminum Aesthetics Enhanced For Colder Climates And Rain

Designed for energy efficiency and strong weather performance

The NanaWall SL60 delivers superior weather performance, beautiful aesthetic design, and offers an optional floor supported movement when installation conditions require it

SL60 Aluminum Aesthetics-insulating aluminum core

Insulating Aluminum Core

The NanaWall SL60 features an all aluminum design that incorporates an insulation barrier built-in. With an overall depth of 60mm, this provides exceptional protection from exterior elements and delivers a comfortable indoor experience when closed

SL60 — Energy Efficiency

SL60 Aluminum Aesthetics-optional triple-paned glass

Triple-Paned Glass Optional

The NanaWall SL60 can accommodate triple-paned glass for additional thermal performance in more extreme conditions

SL60 Aluminum Aesthetics

NFRC Rated & Certified

Contribute to projects seeking LEED designation & can meet the latest energy standards

Title 24 Prescriptive Product Options

SL60 Aluminum Aesthetics-Sound Control

Quiet and Comfortable

The NanaWall SL60 has been tested for sound control and has a remarkable resistance to wind driven rain.


SL60 Aluminum Aesthetics-Minimal

Minimal Sightlines

The NanaWall SL60 maintains the European styling of narrow and equal sightlines around each door panel creating an attractive display of glass and light

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Floor Supported option roller design - Watch it in action

This animation demonstrates our NanaWall SL60 floor supported system roller option.  To deal with building movement, the NanaWall floor supported option offers stainless steel wheels on a stainless steel track for continual smooth operation, even with up to 3/8" of debris in the track.

SL60 Aluminum Aesthetics-Swing doors

Swing Doors for Everyday Use are Possible

Choose from various configuration options that include a daily access door without needing to open the entire system.

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Life Cycle Performance Tested

The NanaWall SL60 meets the German “DIN EN 1191/12400 Classification” where a unit is tested after 20,000 opening and closing cycles and is still functional.

SL60 Aluminum Aesthetics- track details

Concealed Locking and Forced Entry Protection

The NanaWall SL60 features a concealed locking rod and locks into both the head track and sill. The locking hardware has passed forced entry testing.

German Engineering

NanaWall systems are designed in Germany, providing world-class quality and long-term reliability

Unique to You

Each NanaWall system is custom made to order based on your project and your personal preferences

Wide Openings

NanaWall folding systems can replace walls or doors up to 39’ wide, select systems can go even wider if desired

Built to Perform

NanaWall systems meet or exceed air, water, structural, and forced entry tests for weather, durability, and security


NanaWall systems offer a variety of material options and finishes to coordinate with any design

Ease of Operation

NanaWall systems offer single-handed operation and move smoothly with little effort

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