L'Auberge Del Mar

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Reminiscent of a Normandy hotel, L’Auberge Del Mar attempts to set a new standard in coastal hospitality. Located on 5.2 acres in Northern San Diego County, L’Auberge guests can relax on the expansive deck, eat in two different restaurants, or stroll down a private path to the beach. “Relaxing by day and spirited by night” is the owners’ mantra, and the amenities and atmosphere support this philosophy.

 The location, in the heart of Del Mar, adjoins a glorious beach lies within striking distance of Torrey Pines State Park. The owners wanted the superb environs to be integrated as fully as possible into the design elements of the hotel. Joseph Wong Design Associates (JWDA) incorporated a number of elements into the $25 million renovation, finished in 2009, that take full advantage of the setting.

Greet Visitors with Stunning Indoor/Outdoor Public Spaces

“The site is a unique and fantastic location for a luxury boutique in the heart of Del Mar”, states Joseph Wong, FAIA. “It is a beautiful thing to open up public space to the ocean.” The horseshoe layout stretches its arms to the Pacific horizon, and at the heart of the central courtyard is a pool and Waterfall Terrace Restaurant. With a 69-foot NanaWall installation connecting this dining space with the laid-back lobby bar, hotel guests enjoy an unobstructed visual experience of both; entering the lobby from the Del Mar plaza, visitors and patrons are immediately greeted by the stunning bar and terrace.

“The big extension terrace is perfect for San Diego,” continues Wong. “NanaWall’s system helped open it up to get indoor/outdoor connectivity. Lobby guests can smell the ocean breeze, and easily maneuver to the outdoor space. Guests are encouraged to walk out of the hotel into the public space.”

Maximum Impact with a Minumal Footprint

Wong explains why he chose NanaWall instead of typical sliding doors: “It’s the size of the span. Sliding doors can’t open up the whole space like a NanaWall installation, because their footprint when retracted is much larger than NanaWall’s. Plus, sliding doors and casements leave a visual psychological barrier between the spaces.”

“NanaWall’s System Helped Open It Up to Get Indoor/Outdoor Connectivity. Lobby Guests Can Smell the Ocean Breeze, and Easily Maneuver to the Outdoor Space.”

Located on the site of the original Stratford Inn – which eventually became the Hotel Del Mar, a legendary retreat for early 20th Century movie stars – L’Auberge Del Mar occupies both a coveted coastal spot in Southern California and an equally enviable place in Hollywood lore. Wong and his team at JWAD brought to bear their considerable experience in the hospitality sector to make the most of the renovation ultimately delivering the scintillating appeal for which it is now known. 

Notably, the Bleu Bar has become a popular place for locals; live music entertains three nights weekly, and the nearby racetrack and golf course bring a steady flow of returning and new dining patrons. The Waterfall Terrace Restaurant sits on top of the planked and latticed deck, separated from the Bleu Bar at most times of operation by seemingly nothing at all – that is to say, by a NanaWall installation, fully open.

The SL45 Solution to a Large 69' Opening

The precision engineering of NanaWall’s SL45 system allows it to occupy a massive, single opening 69 feet in length. JWDA chose a white anodized frame from an enormous palette of finishes and glazing options, enhancing the cottage look of the hotel. Daylight and sunsets stream into the lobby unimpeded by framing and fenestration, and cool Pacific breezes provide plentiful, natural ventilation. NanaWall truly blurs the line between indoors and out.

Acoustical Buffering when Closed

When the deck is utilized for special events or weddings, the NanaWall SL45 system when closed delivers excellent sound attenuation, providing a privacy shield between the lobby bar and the event on the terrace. And even when fully closed the massive span still provides an excellent visual connection between the spaces, defying even the occasional bout of inclement weather to separate patrons from stunning coastal views.

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