Old Hickory Lakefront Residence

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A modern living room with a large sectional sofa, a brick fireplace, floor-to-ceiling accordion glass doors offering a stunning view of trees and a body of water.
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A modern living room with folding patio doors reveals a view of a lake and landscaped garden.
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Modern living room with large windows and glass wall panels providing a view of an outdoor landscape.
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Modern living room with all glass walls overlooking a patio and lawn beside a lake.
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A modern kitchen featuring a large island with a stone countertop and large opening folding glass walls offering a view of the lake and trees in the background.
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Modern kitchen and dining area with wooden cabinetry and a large island, opening to an outdoor patio. Sunlight streams through the open accordion doors, illuminating the space.
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A modern dining area adjacent to floor-to-ceiling glass doors that offer a stunning view of the lake and trees.
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A modern two-story house with large glass wall panels, surrounded by trees and greenery, featuring a spacious patio.
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A modern house with large windows stands on the edge of a wooded area overlooking a lake at sunset.
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Aerial view of a modern, white flat-roofed house surrounded by lush trees, located near the edge of a large lake.
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Architectural floor plan depicting a modern home with a living room, dining area, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and an outdoor patio.

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