Embrace Winter Weather in Any Home Using Folding Patio Doors

By NanaWall Systems, December 20, 2023

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Imagine a frost-covered winter landscape where the chill of the air contrasts sharply with the warm, inviting glow of a home's interior. At the forefront of this architectural revolution are weather-performing, folding patio doors. These innovative and energy-efficient systems are designed to meet the rigorous demands of all seasons, particularly extreme weather. The essence of modern living - a seamless fusion of indoor comfort with the beauty of the outdoor world all year long. Every home has its unique charm and challenges. Folding patio doors are the best architectural solution to create a living space that not only withstands the rigors of the weather but also embraces its beauty in every season. These systems are a perfect amalgamation of form and function, designed to offer unparalleled resilience and aesthetic appeal, especially during the colder months. 

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Understanding the Challenges of Winter

As temperatures plummet and days become shorter, the ideal home transforms from just a living space to a sanctuary against the weather. From the biting cold to howling and heavy snow and rainfalls, the seasons test the limits of a home's resilience. Central to these challenges are concerns about insulation, energy-efficient materials, and protection against extreme weather like blizzards and wind-driven rain. With folding patio doors, you can turn your home into a haven of warmth and light. A well-designed home must not only provide a refuge from the cold but also maintain a comfortable and energy-efficient interior environment. This is where the choice of the right glass wall system becomes pivotal. Homeowners, architects, and builders use performance folding patio doors to merge indoor luxury with outdoor beauty without compromising warmth and safety.

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The Science of Warmth & Visibility, Behind All-Weather Folding Patio Doors

The essential attributes of energy-efficient NanaWall folding patio doors are their advanced engineering, technical features, and superior design. Integral to their energy performance is the U-Value, a critical measure of heat loss, a primary consideration of most homeowners. The lower the U-Value, the better the insulation, a consideration during winter and peak summer months. By incorporating thermal breaks, these resilient systems effectively counteract the conductivity of metal frames. This significantly reduces the transfer of cold and ensures that the warmth stays inside and the cold remains outside. Engineered to withstand blizzards, hail, and low temperatures, they offer homeowners peace of mind, knowing their sanctuary remains shielded from the harshest winter conditions.

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Battling Winter Elements: Year-Round Performance and Energy Standards

In regions where winter is synonymous with extreme weather, the durability and resilience of building materials are paramount. Weather-performing glass systems are meticulously designed to withstand the usual wear and tear of the relentless onslaught of winter storms and high winds. This durability is achieved through rigorous testing and certification. Innovation marks the NanaWall difference when navigating building codes and energy standards. Weather-performing glass wall systems not only enhance the living experience but also meet the stringent requirements of various building codes and energy standards. By aligning with regulations like California Title 24, these systems play a crucial role in modern architecture, particularly in regions with harsh winters and weather. These systems offer solutions that meet the growing demand for energy-efficient and environmentally conscious buildings. Learn more about building codes and energy standards for residential and commercial buildings here.

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Customize and Configure to Complement Any Style

Every home tells a different story; folding patio doors honor this diversity through customization. Whether it is a modern masterpiece or a quaint country cottage, these systems adapt to different architectural styles and offer a variety of materials – from rich, warm wood to contemporary aluminum and versatile clad frames. Homes are as diverse as their inhabitants, and NanaWall opening glass wall systems offer extensive customization options. With a vast range of over 50 standard colors and the option of 200 unique powder coats, the design horizon is boundless. From simulated divided lites to custom finishes and barefoot-friendly sills, there's a system curated for you. This design flexibility ensures that every home can enjoy the benefits of an energy-efficient, weather-resistant solution that aligns with its architectural style.

Real-Life Transformations with Performance-Driven Folding Patio Doors

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Winter Wonderland in Whistler, BC

The design of this Whistler lakefront home sure knows how to take advantage of its resort town location. Connecting the main living areas to the patio and impressive views of the Southern Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains are the expansive 20-foot folding patio doors. A six-panel aluminum clad system was incorporated between the indoor and outdoor living spaces to open with a pair of swing doors in the middle to perform like French Doors. An additional system was installed on the second floor facing the lake. When closed, they offer exceptional thermal performance, aligning with Passive House Standards, and when open, they reveal breathtaking views, transforming the living experience.

folding patio doors with simulated divided lites

Timber and Glass Park City Residence

In this Park City, Utah abode, thermally broken folding patio doors maximize the stunning mountain views. “The client wanted lots of views and indoor/outdoor living,” says architect Rick Otto from Otto/Walker architect. These aluminum clad systems offer the beauty and elegance of wood on the inside with the all-weather performance and durability of aluminum on the outside. The system was customized to the home's aesthetic, from the wood choice and powder coated aluminum frames to the simulated divided lites to match the fixed windows above. Most importantly, this clad system offered the performance and energy efficiency needed for the inclement winter climate. 

aluminum framed folding patio doors

Contemporary Snowmass Village Residence

This Snowmass home takes resort-like living to new heights—quite literally. Perched atop one of the renowned peaks of Snowmass Village, the stark contemporary architecture stands out amidst the snowy landscape. The most striking feature is the multiple floor-to-ceiling folding patio doors that offer complementary views of the location’s cyclical landscapes and the resort village below. With a popular ski run immediately adjacent to the home, guests have endless access to recreational fun, or they can simply lounge by the fireplace while taking in the views. The 10-foot aluminum framed SL70 system is designed to provide comfort in cold climates and excels in wind-driven rain with no overhangs required.

folding patio doors for cold weather

Resilient Lake Erie Residence

In the heart of Rocky River, Ohio, along the turbulent shores of Lake Erie, stands a residence that epitomizes architectural resilience and elegance. Facing brutal winters, this home employed aluminum clad wood folding patio doors, creating an airtight, four-season room that withstands severe winter conditions while offering panoramic views of the surrounding lake. This system has stood strong against some of the most severe weather, proving its mettle as an all-season solution with resilient performance to create a year-round sanctuary.

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Final Thoughts

Modern opening glass wall systems by NanaWall represent the ultimate standard in residential design. A single architectural solution configurable for projects to create a harmonious blend of comfort, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal is crucial for all homeowners. Choosing the right glass wall system is not just an addition to your home; it is a long-term investment in comfort, style, and efficiency. As we embrace the future of home design, these folding patio doors will revolutionize your experience of home, day in and day out, no matter the season. 

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