Solid Wood Aesthetics Inside And Out



Kitchen Transition

A NanaWall specialty configuration combining both a pass-through window and folding door into the same opening is just one of the many wall designs possible.

Our Most Flexible Folding System Available In Solid Wood

Warmth Of Wood

The natural beauty of wood stands out with the NanaWall WD65 and is available in Pine, Spruce, Meranti, and Sepeli Mahogany as standard. Other wood choices are also available.
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Smooth Detailing
Narrow Sightlines

Beautifully sculpted all-wood design with eased edges and detailing around the frame and door panels accent the equal sightlines that form a picture frame like appearance.


NanaWall FoldFlat


A new product breakthrough in the folding door industry. With FoldFlat®, the panels fold and then pivot all the way back to stack out of and parallel to the opening.

  • Full 180° Movement
  • Expanded Point of View




Floor Track Choices

Select a floor track that works best with your design. Exterior and interior options are available for various application types.

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