Nobody wants to work in an office space that’s dark or cramped; we all want a spacious, light-filled workplace. It’s proven that aesthetically-pleasing offices facilitate work performance and boost employee morale.  A creative, functional office sets the tone of a company. That’s why KUBE Architects completely renovated the CompTIA office in Washington using clean lines and colorful details. Although the space is relatively small in size, they transformed the dark, enclosed space into a modern, light-filled interior. Previously, the CompTIA offices had insufficient lighting. KUBE’s goal was to create a fresh interior, filled with “light and order.” They moved the conference room from the basement to the main floor and enclosed it with glass. Folding glass doors on one side allow flexibility of use for larger events. KUBE used the SL45 aluminum system, ideal for interior applications in commercial spaces. Check out the KUBE’s finished remodel below.

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