A Wall For All Seasons

By , March 13, 2013

Creating large opening glass walls is the easy part—the challenge is performance when the wall is closed. A NanaWall system protects from water and air infiltration, sound attenuation and provides superior energy efficiency when closed. Check out the West Bloomfield Pool House Project below

Perfect for entertaining guests and hosting parties during the summer, the NanaWall Aluminum Framed Thermally Broken Single Track Sliding System HSW60 provides a fun, open and outdoor feel to the swimming pool while providing open access to the magnificent view. On the other hand, during the winter, the NanaWall system protects the pool with a tight and secure closing that mimics the features and durability of an actual wall while still providing clear views of the outdoors. The thermally broken NanaWall feature provides weather resistance that enables the cold from being transferred from the outside into the inside of the frame—leaving the glass windows without any traces of fog, frost and ice! At NanaWall, we believe that performance is the key factor that differentiates each of our operable glass wall systems from others, which enables our systems to perform and excel in any weather. We have systems that meet industry operational standards (AAMA920) and are hurricane approved. Independent testing results are available for wind, water, forced entry and impact, thermal performance and structural load, ensuring you the best product performance.