Best Remodel 2015

Location: Boston, MA

Architect: ZeroEnergy Design

Contractor: Ralph S. Osmond Company

Photographer: Eric Roth Photography


A young couple starting a family in the city purchased this two story loft in Boston's South End. Built in the 1990's, the loft was ready for updates. ZED transformed the space, creating a fresh new look and greatly increasing its functionality to accommodate an expanding family within an urban setting.


A solid wall separating the master bedroom from the double height living space was replaced with NanaWall to open the bedroom to the living space. The new NanaWall readily admits 'borrowed' daylight from the main living space into the previously dark bedroom space, increasing the natural lighting. It also allows for both visual and acoustical privacy when desired. Collectively, the renovation creates a delightful improvement to the aesthetics, light, and functionality of the space for the growing family to enjoy.


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