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Reconfigurable Floor Plans May Boost Productivity

Commercial Architecture Magazine

The belief that open-concept floor plans increase collaboration and creativity has been recently challenged. A Harvard Business School, Cambridge, MA, study analyzed the effects of open floor plans on office spaces and concluded it’s not an ideal layout for optimal productivity.

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Birds Eye View

Southpark Magazine

When you walk through the 4-inch-thick, custom white oak double doors, your eye is immediately drawn past the impeccable interiors and furnishings and straight to the view: a sweeping 360-degree panorama featuring direct shots of Grandfather Mountain, Mount Mitchell, Swinging High Bridge, and, on a clear day, Charlotte’s skyline.

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A Backyard Renovation of a house in San Francisco


This San Francisco renovation project included an updated multi-level garden that transformed the connection between the backyard and home.

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Maximizing Limited Resources: Kitchen Remodel Lets the Sun Shine In

Seattle Magazine

The homeowners wanted each of the rooms to feel distinct yet also allow people, light and sound to move more fluidly through from the front of the house to the back. Tucked into a corner lot on a charming street in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood, the 1911 Craftsman bungalow the couple purchased in 2005 was, by 2016, due for an update.

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A Mill Valley Home Filled with Light

Spaces Magazine

When they bought it three years ago, Barb Chambers and Joe Vernachio’s 1940s two-story Mill Valley home, on a large upsloping lot and with white stucco facade and red-clay-tiled roof, had stood unchanged for nearly 75 years.

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American AgCredit: Building In Motion

Commercial Architecture Magazine

Originally intended to be a 50,000-square-foot new national headquarters comprised of two separate buildings with the option to expand, the new American AgCredit building in Santa Rosa, California blossomed into a 120,000-square-foot work of art. As the light interacts with the shapes throughout the day, this building presents more as a kinetic sculpture than a headquarters of an agricultural financing institution.

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An Open Concept Kitchen in Needham

Boston Magazine

You hear the term “open concept” tossed around a lot in home-renovation chatter. It’s what modern living demands, right? Architect Jacob Lilley, principal of his eponymous Wellesley-based firm, decided to take its definition a step further by opening up the heart of this Needham home to its green space—literally.

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McKinney York Discusses Its Alley Dwelling Prototype

Residential Design Magazine

This project in Austin’s North Loop brings to bear the firm’s problem-solving abilities, its expertise in residential work, and its design ingenuity—all distilled into a compact, 850-square-foot accessory dwelling unit (ADU).

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Confluence Hall: Student-Designed Building Embraces Desert

Commercial Architecture Magazine

The desert landscape of Moab, Utah is a study in contrast: rugged yet beautiful, unforgiving yet inviting, serene but teeming with adventure. The building, which serves as a gathering space, is truly at the confluence of sustainability, flexibility, and efficiency, mitigating the harsh sun and wind while celebrating the unique beauty of its environs.

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Outdoor Living and Terraces are Coveted Luxuries in the Dense City of New York

Metropolis Magazine

Outdoor living and terraces are coveted luxuries in the dense city of New York, so when G Ateliers converted an old tenement on Manhattan’s Lower East Side into a mixed-use development, the firm strove to offer each residential unit a comparable amenity.

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Light Pours into a Modern Minnesota Retreat


Having somewhere to vacation “Up North” is an integral part of Minnesota culture. So the patriarch of a family purchased a large tract of land in northern Minnesota near a pristine lake. He divided it up, creating a second home for himself and another for guests, and gave this lot to his son to build a vacation house for his young family.

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Incredible Net-Zero Floating Home Cleans the Water Around it


What if a home could improve the environment around it? That’s the question architect Michelle Lanker of Lanker Design LLC and her husband Bill Bloxom put to the test when they designed their new getaway—a floating home docked on Washington’s Lake Union.

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Butterfly House: Rural House in Carmel by Feldman Architecture


The homeowners and architect Jonathan Feldman envisioned a home that was like “a butterfly landing in a meadow.” Located in Monterey County, California, the concrete construction sits lightly on the land and thrusts out into nature, providing unobstructed views of the surrounding environment and wildlife, as requested by the homeowners.

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Skullcandy Headquarters: Folding-Glass Walls Deliver the Outdoors

Commercial Architecture Magazine

Skullcandy, the iconic performance and lifestyle audio brand, was born on the ski slopes of Park City, Utah. Think Architecture was tasked with designing an environmentally-friendly structure that integrated into the landscape and maximized its striking views.

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A Star is Reborn: San Francisco’s Iconic Painted Lady

Houzz TV

One of the most iconic residential landmarks in the entire world, the largest and oldest Painted Lady on "Postcard Row" in San Francisco, was recently renovated and refurbished. The design approach honored the period details while tastefully modernizing the functionality of the home to meet the needs of this busy family.

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Cutting Living Space to Make Room for Life

New York Times

The urge to downsize is not limited to empty nesters and retirees. It can hit anyone at any time. And sometimes it’s the family dog that helps you realize you have more space than you need.

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A Contemporary Boulder Home with Geometric Inspiration

Luxe Magazine

Before they arrived at their idyllic abode, a couple’s fairy tale briefly took on a “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” tone. The couple—who were drawn to Boulder for the mountains before meeting and marrying—tried different houses and enclaves on for size until they found a just-right property in a just-right neighborhood.

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Family Loft Living

ZeroEnergy Design

Built in the 1990s, the loft was ready for updates. ZED transformed the space, creating a fresh new look and greatly increasing its functionality to accommodate an expanding family within an urban setting.

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Historically Smart

Distinction Magazine

Drew presses against the ceiling-high glass doors in his new kitchen, using his whole body to slide them open. It’s called a NanaWall, a brand of folding accordion glass doors that when open provide a smooth transition to his new backyard, which includes a hydraulically powered movable deck and overhead pergola.

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The Bridge House: Bridging Sustainability, Flow and Functionality

Qualified Remodeler Magazine

The trick with designing a remodel is to know how far to go. Architects, builders and contractors all face this when given the challenge of trying to meet a client’s expectations on a budget. Functionality and flow were at the heart of the programmatic re-design.

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