Best View 2018

We had a 18 year old home that had a very tiny deck, not even big enough to hold a 4 patio table. It could barely contain my BBQ collection.  We love to entertain and have a great home for entertaining, except when it came to the outdoors.  We are in a view neighborhood and have a great view of the lake, but couldn’t really even see it given the way the home was oriented.

We had a small awkward slider and a column in the way that broke up the kitchen.  We told our deck designer, we have 3 requirements, 15’ nanawall replacing the original small slider, a covered area for lounging and dining, and mbrico porcelain tile for the surface.  We told her to dream BIG – and she did.

We had a fantastic contractor GLG Homes who helped us make all the right finish decisions.

Living in the NW, we love our outdoors. With this space, we have the open floor plan from our entertaining kitchen, seamlessly to the outdoor spaces. A dedicated lounge area with firetable, Large 10 top table for sit down dining, open area for serving and Cooking. Below a covered patio. All with ceiling fans, discretely wired sonos, Infratech heaters making this a 10 out of 12 month entertaining area.

The door transformed how the home lives and how we entertain. People are free to move from the inside to the outside or somewhere in between. Sometimes they can’t tell. If it is above 60, chances are the door is completely open.











10. Before

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