Top 2024 Exterior Residential Design Trends Using Retractable Glass Walls

By NanaWall Systems, January 10, 2024

NanaWall retractable glass walls

As we approach 2024, let's zoom out to get the big picture of what’s trending in home design. This year, residential design is all about blending inside and outside seamlessly. As architects, designers, and homeowners, here you’ll find fresh inspiration for creating modern, minimalist spaces that are both beautiful and functional. In the world of exterior residential design, it's clear that large retractable glass walls are not just a passing trend, but a cornerstone in modern architecture. As the new trendsetters, opening glass walls bring in more daylight and nature and offer practical benefits like energy efficiency and weather performance. These versatile beauties are revolutionizing how we view and interact with living spaces. The perfect architectural solution for any design style, they seamlessly blend with existing structures and enhance every aesthetic. From classic to contemporary, opening glass walls open up a world of possibilities. Whether you're enhancing natural light, creating a stunning indoor-outdoor flow, or just adding a sleek, minimalist touch, these glass walls are the key to unlocking your design potential. Let's explore how trends like these are setting the tone for home design in 2024 and beyond. 

retractable glass wall trends

Embrace Mixed Design Trends

The next level in trending home design is all about mixing and matching styles. It's simple: homeowners love personalizing their spaces. And what's the secret weapon? Mixing sliding styles with folding retractable glass walls. Imagine sliding glass walls in your living room opening to stunning views, and folding walls and windows in your kitchen adapting the space for any occasion. Customizable glass solutions are perfect for merging different styles into one seamless design. So, whether it's creating a cozy yet modern vibe or adding a practical, stylish touch, these glass wall systems are your go-to for a home design that stands out in 2024.

Barbie pink retractable glass walls

Designing with Color 

Want the freedom to experiment with color this year, but don’t want to repaint your entire exterior? Consider using a fun hue on your trim instead! This trend of incorporating vibrant accent colors into exteriors is gaining momentum. Homeowners are looking to add more personal touches to their space, moving away from traditional choices and experimenting with unconventional hues for trim, doors, and more. Easily achieve this colorful trend with NanaWall as these systems offer a palette to match every vision, with over 200 powder coat colors and various frame materials like aluminum and aluminum clad. From classic whites and warm neutrals to a rich selection of grays, irons, and bronzes, our standard 50 colors are chosen to align with current architectural trends. For more unique tastes, we offer up to 200 different RAL color choices and Steel Effect DB colors. Custom color matching is also available, ensuring a perfect fit for any design vision. 

cero retractable glass wall system

Sleek Minimalism & Light - Less Frame More View

In the realm of modern design trends, the cero system represents the pinnacle of minimalist elegance. Its large minimal framed sliding glass panels, offer a seamless blend of clean lines and maximum light, all with a perfectly symmetrical frame to match. As 2024 embraces minimalist aesthetics, cero stands out for its ability to transform spaces with its ultra-thin profiles and expansive glass. Top design philosophies revolve around less frame for more view, ensuring that natural light and views are unhindered. Minimalist beauty is perfect for contemporary spaces where every detail counts. Ideal for creating a floor-to-ceiling lens to the outside world, these large opening glass walls offer full transparency and a strong connection with the outdoors, redefining the concept of open space. 

steel effect retractable glass walls

The Rise of the Industrial Look: Steel Effect in Modern Design

Generation 4 Slimline Steel Effect folding glass walls are redefining the trend of industrial aesthetics in architectural design. They blend the raw, utilitarian appeal of the industrial style with advanced functionality. The Steel Effect design mimics historic steel-framed structures but with enhanced energy efficiency, using thermally broken aluminum and insulated glass. This trend resonates with the resurgence of Brutalism, an architectural style celebrating simple geometric forms and raw materials like concrete and steel, often in neutral color palettes. Systems offer total customization with ultra-slim frames, and styles including simulated divided lights that can be customized in patterns of choice. Furthermore, Generation 4 systems complement this minimalist approach with their sleek, dark frames, fitting seamlessly into various architectural styles, from Urban Farmhouse to Art Deco.

cold weather retractable glass walls

Exterior Solution Trends Beyond Traditional Weather Performance

From hurricanes to snowstorms, the need for innovative weatherproofing solutions is becoming increasingly crucial. Homeowners seek materials that are durable, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. Advanced engineered retractable glass walls exceed these demands, providing unparalleled protection and maintaining a seamless connection with the natural environment. In extreme climates,  they are durable and thermally efficient options for homes to thrive in the face of nature's challenges. NanaWall offers unparalleled energy-efficient sliding and folding systems that are all performance tested and rated across 20+ systems with a choice of aluminum, sustainably harvested wood, and aluminum clad materials. In hurricane-prone regions, the SL73 Hurricane Resistant system is specifically engineered to offer protection in extreme climates. Designed to confront the challenges of weather; they are embodiments of modern living.

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Embracing Wellness & Nature at Home with Biophilia

The wellness trend is particularly significant for designers and architects. Homeowners are looking to incorporate natural elements into their homes to create spaces that enhance their health and well-being. At the forefront of this trend is Biophilic Design, a concept that taps into our inherent affinity for nature. Biophilic elements in homes have been linked to improved stress reduction, mood enhancement, and cognitive function. For designers, retractable glass walls integrate natural elements into residential spaces, primarily through 'Nature in Space'. Incorporating benefits like ample natural light, fresh air, and panoramic views into homes, enriches living experiences and promotes wellness. Designers are also integrating living plants and wood elements, and maximizing exposure to natural light, selecting materials and forms that resonate with the natural environment. 

Dwell House retractable glass walls by NanaWall

ADUs: Maximizing Space & Versatility in Modern Homes

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) have surged in popularity, driven by the increasing need for energy-efficient home offices, learning areas, private gyms, and affordable living solutions. Despite their compact size, ADUs significantly enhance the value and functionality of homes, offering a versatile space adaptable to a myriad of uses. In the face of multifunctional homes and eco-conscious alternatives, the newly designed Dwell House featuring NanaWall is a versatile ADU solution with a clean aesthetic and flexible indoor/outdoor living. The next big thing in prefab building is for those seeking to increase their available living space quickly and at a lower cost. Retractable glass walls not only maximize space, expand the perceived area, and make it more versatile, but also facilitate abundant natural light and fresh air. ADUs are evolving into multifunctional spaces that meet the diverse and evolving needs of homeowners, making them an essential feature in modern residential design.

Generation 4 retractable glass walls

Pool Design Elevated with Retractable Glass Walls 

The popularity of pool houses, plunge pools, and splash pools is on the rise as they offer a compact and economical alternative to traditional pools. Perfect for homeowners with limited outdoor space, seeking to build retreats for entertainment and relaxation. These sought-after pool areas not only add nature and water elements to spaces but also serve as a focal point for both activity and leisure. In addition to plunge pools, the design of pool houses is evolving, with a focus on versatility and seamless indoor-outdoor transitions. Retractable glass walls are a key element in this trend, offering flexibility, durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance. Get inspired to transform your pool house into a multifunctional space like a guest house, dining area, bar, or even open-air theater with year-round protection from the elements.

aluminum framed retractable glass walls

Customized Indoor/Outdoor Living & Recreation Spaces

Well-designed outdoor spaces have always been highly desirable. Heading into 2024, however, outdoor living is no longer just about having a deck or a fire pit. Homeowners are seeking customized indoor-outdoor areas that align with their unique lifestyles including outdoor living rooms, private workspaces, art studios, recreation spaces, activity courts, and more. Retractable glass walls are central to this concept of seamless indoor-outdoor transitions. Much more than just windows or doors; these systems redefine outdoor living spaces and access to them, blurring the lines between inside and outside areas. Create outdoor living spaces that are not just extensions of the home or penthouse but integral parts of your living experience.

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Final Thoughts

As we delve deeper into the top residential design styles for 2024, it's clear that incorporating retractable glass walls in residential projects isn't just about keeping up with trends; it's about pioneering a future where design, functionality, and sustainability coalesce to create living spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally conscious and life-enhancing.

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