Transformational Living Spaces: 7 Top NanaAward Designs with Residential Glass Walls

By NanaWall Systems, March 6, 2024

NanaWall residential glass walls

The 2023 NanaAwards have once again spotlighted the remarkable ingenuity in home design across North America using opening residential glass walls. From breathtaking new builds to innovative home remodels, this year's winners exemplify how folding and sliding glass systems can redefine living spaces. Join us as we explore the top residential projects that stood out, demonstrating the myriad of creative applications and the transformative potential of opening glass walls for homeowners, designers, builders, and architects alike. 

NanaAwards New Builds Using Residential Glass Walls

cero minimal sliding residential glass walls

Best New Build: Bringing California Dreams to West Vancouver 

Nestled in West Vancouver rests a stunning embodiment of California living and home vision of a couple inspired by their decade-long residence in the Golden State. The project, aptly named "California Dream," sought to capture the quintessence of Californian warmth and light, blending it seamlessly with the natural beauty and distinct seasons of British Columbia. The innovative cero and Generation 4 NW Aluminum 640 folding glass wall systems were meticulously chosen by Upward Construction to fulfill the homeowners' indoor-outdoor dream. The low profile, sleek design of these systems not only enhances the home's aesthetic but also revolutionizes the functionality. 

"The integration of NanaWall glass walls, both cero minimal sliding and folding glass walls, surpassed our expectations, delivering a sleek and modern solution that perfectly aligned with our homeowner's vision for a warm and inviting atmosphere," reflects the design-build team at Upward Construction. This sentiment is further echoed in their achievement of the 'Best New Build' at the NanaWall Awards, a testament to their innovative design using sliding and folding residential glass walls.

patio residential glass walls

Best Patio-Porch: Palm Springs Hideaway & Masterpiece

In Palm Springs, a residence redefines patio living by eliminating traditional barriers and creating a fluid indoor/outdoor oasis. With two 22' wide SL60 patio residential glass walls, the home embraces the concept of a breezeway, allowing for a unique blend of Zen spaces and functional patios that serve as primary living areas. "The NanaWall systems transform our house into a conduit between distinct outdoor spaces, enhancing our living experience by merging interior comfort with the allure of our personal environmental envelope," shares the homeowner, celebrating the transformative impact of NanaWall on their home's design and functionality.

cold weather frameless residential glass walls

Best Cold Weather: Golden, CO Residence Embraces the Seasons

Designed to withstand the harsh climates in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, this Golden, Colorado residence captures the essence of indoor/outdoor living with the strategic use of Generation 4 NW Wood 540 and CSW75 Center Pivot systems. This innovative approach provides unobstructed mountain views and a comfortable, adaptable living space that gracefully navigates the changing seasons.

"The homeowners were ecstatic about their new outdoor space, which, thanks to NanaWall systems, offers stunning views and comfort across seasons," notes Dream Makers Landscape, highlighting the blend of aesthetics and functionality that NanaWall brings to their projects.

biophilic design residential glass wall system

Best ADU: A Biophilic Design Marvel with Generation 4

In Alamo, California, Artisan Home Builders and Architect Darren M. Kelly embarked on designing an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) rooted in Biophilic design principles. The choice of Generation 4 NW Clad 740 folding glass walls was pivotal in dissolving the barriers between the interior and the lush exterior, fostering an environment where wellness and nature coalesce.

"The NanaWall system's ease of operation and its ability to extend the great room into the outdoor spaces has significantly enhanced the living experience, aligning perfectly with our vision of integrating the home with its natural surroundings," states Kelly, underscoring the profound impact of NanaWall on promoting wellness through design with residential glass walls.

unique ppol house residential glass wall design

Most Unique: Greenwich, CT Poolside Serenity, Elegance in Design

In Greenwich, Connecticut, a unique pool house project showcases the elegance and versatility of the HSW60 single track sliding system. This project by Fairfield House & Garden, stands out with its “S” like shape, requiring precise engineering to achieve a seamless transition between indoor comfort and the natural beauty of the outdoor landscape. "The meticulous planning and execution of the HSW60 system have redefined the living space, offering our clients and their guests a mesmerizing indoor/outdoor experience," remarked the project's contractor.

NanaAwards Remodeled Designs Using Residential Glass Walls

window door combination residential glass wall system

Best Remodel: East Vancouver Home Transformed

In East VancouverTQ Construction embarked on a mission to rejuvenate a 1912 home for a family of four, with a clear focus on expanding living space and enhancing outdoor connectivity. The introduction of the SL60 folding glass window/door combination in this remodel has redefined the home's relationship with its outdoor spaces, allowing for a fluid transition that amplifies the joy of entertaining and everyday living. "The increased outdoor livability, with the addition of a covered deck and the ingenious use of a folding glass window, has transformed the back of the home into a beloved gathering spot for the family," says TQ Construction, highlighting the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces that folding glass doors and window systems facilitate. 

folding wood clad residential glass walls

Best Lakefront: Century-Old Home Remodel on Lake Winnipesaukee

After experiencing the transformative impact of folding glass systems in their guest house, homeowners in Wolfeboro, NH, were inspired to extend this innovation to their main house overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee. The Generation 4 NW Clad 740 folding patio doors were chosen to bring their vision to life, blending the historical charm of their century-old home with the unparalleled beauty of the lake. Beckwith Builders seamlessly integrated the wood-framed folding system, enhancing the home's connection to its waterfront setting. This remodel maximized the picturesque lake views and redefined the essence of lakefront living, proving once again the unmatched versatility and design excellence using residential glass walls.

NanaAward best remodel with kitchen transisiotn residential glass wall

Final Thoughts

The 2023 NanaAwards has not only celebrated the incredible talent and innovation in residential design but also underscored the endless possibilities when integrating performance folding and sliding glass systems into living spaces. We extend accolades to all the winners and participants for their contributions to design excellence. These projects serve as inspiration showcasing the best of NanaWall and setting new standards for future designs. As we look ahead, we are thrilled to continue celebrating the achievements of those who share our vision of transforming spaces into extraordinary living environments.

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