Floor Supported Folding Doors

Floor supported folding glass walls

Floor Supported Systems Suitable For Both Residential & Commercial Projects

NanaWall offers folding glass walls in both top-hung and floor supported options. We are able to recommend the best choice for each project.

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"It was very advantageous to get a door system that was
floor supported."

-Jonathan Feldman, AIA

Feldman Architecture

Performs the Same as Top-hung Systems

Floor supported systems offer the same weather protection, performance, and testing as expected from our top-hung systems

Smoother Operation

Floor supported systems are durable and offer much smoother operation with stainless steel wheels on a stainless steel track.

To Deal with Building Movement

Floor supported systems offer easier height adjustability should building movement occur - be it from heavy snow loads or building settling over time.

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"All seasons, it just works."

-Chris Chan-Piu, Director of Sales

One King West Hotel & Residence

Retrofits Made Easy

Floor supported systems are ideal for applications where load-bearing capability of the header is a concern. The system's main weight is carried by the floor track.  The upper track is merely a guide.

Floor Supported Option Roller Design - Watch It in Action

This animation demonstrates our NanaWall SL60 floor supported system roller option.  To deal with building movement, the NanaWall floor supported option offers stainless steel wheels on a stainless steel track for continual smooth operation, even with up to 3/8” of debris in the track.

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Choose from 6 Floor Supported Folding Door Systems

Aluminum Framed Folding Glass Walls

Thermally Broken Aluminum SL60

Energy efficient, all weather performance system with top-hung or floor supported options.

Thermally Broken Structurally Reinforced Large Sized SL70

Floor supported, tall panel system designed for heavy-duty weather performance and high traffic applications.

Thermally Broken Hurricane System SL73

Floor supported, structurally reinforced system designed for heavy-duty weather performance in Miami-Dade and hurricane zones. Including BEARricade.

Thermally Broken Structurally Glazed SL82

Floor supported and contemporary, this system provides edge-to-edge glass on the exterior face of the panels for sleek aesthetics. 

Thermally Broken Superior Energy Efficiency NW Aluminum 840 

Very narrow-framed, floor supported system for superior thermal performance.

Thermally Broken Acoustically Enhanced NW Acoustical 645 

Floor supported interior system for superior acoustical buffering able to achieve values up to STC 45.