Folding Doors

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The NanaWall Difference

NanaWall folding doors open to bring the outdoors in, and close to keep the outdoor elements out—not all glass wall manufacturers can confidently talk about performance when closed.

The care put into engineering NanaWall folding glass doors qualifies our systems for the most challenging architectural specifications. Certified independent testing confirms that a NanaWall folding door system meets or exceeds industry standards for air infiltration, water penetration, structural and thermal performance and forced entry. With a NanaWall folding glass doors exterior system, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: a room with a clear outdoor view and secure weather protection.

NanaWall folding glass doors create openings so wide you’ll forget you’re standing inside. Consecutive bi-folding panels connect to form a folding door system that can be hinged to one or both side jambs, and meet in a variety of configurations. When fully open, the panels stack 90 degrees to the opening, delivering unobstructed walkways and sightlines.


  • Swing door option: folding doors with an odd number of panels that stack to one side, a swing door is possible. For systems with an odd number of panels to both sides, a pair of swing doors is possible.
  • Versatile egress options: folding glass doors system can be opened fully or partially.
  • Easy maneuvering: one handed operation is possible for individuals of any size.
  • No extra track support necessary: our folding glass doors exterior system keeps all structural loads within the plane of the opening.
  • Support options: both top-hung and floor supported systems are available.
  • Multitude of stacking configurations: stack all panels on one side, or split the stacking. Inward or outward opening options are available.

Customize with a Nanawall Folding Door

Nobody knows your project requirements better than you do. Which is why when choosing NanaWall folding doors, you’re in the driver’s seat.

NanaWall provides unique solutions for almost any opening wall situation. At NanaWall Systems, we believe that if you can imagine it, we can probably create it. Consequently, the design options we offer are almost limitless.

Select from a Multitude of Configurations

The total number of panels in your folding door opening depends on your design and the combination of panel height, width and glazing. With a limit of six hinged panels stacking to one side, a maximum width of about 36' is recommended for folding glass doors exterior applications and about 40' for interior applications. For specialty configurations, an option for a larger folding door system is possible with our paired panel system and 180 degree panel stacking available with NanaWall FoldFlat®.

With over ten folding glass door systems to choose from, NanaWall Systems is here to provide the options you need—and to be a helpful partner along the way.

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