Clean Lines Design Flexibility for Special Applications


European Styling With Ultimate Versatility

Enhanced Design Options

The NanaWall SL45 features all of the standard configuration options of a folding glass wall plus many specialty design options that allow you the freedom to operate beyond a typical straight wall design.

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Unique Capabilities

The NanaWall SL45 can create open corners without a meeting post and features unhinged paired panels for the widest openings and more control of where you can stack the doors when opened

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A new product breakthrough in the folding door industry. With FoldFlat®, the panels fold and then pivot all the way back to stack out of and parallel to the opening.

  • Full 180° Movement
  • Expanded Point of View

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Special Solutions

Options Include:

  • Unhinged Paired Panels
  • Center Pivot Stacking
  • Inward/Outward Combination
  • Segmented Radius
  • Cornerless
  • Kitchen Transition (Window/Door Combination)

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All ALuminum, Narrow Sightlines

The NanaWall SL45 features an all aluminum design for low maintenance finishes and minimal sightlines that form a picture frame like appearance.

Dual Independent Roller Axles

Engineered in Germany, the NanaWall SL45 roller makes many of the specialty design features possible.

Optional Stainless Steel Hinges

For applications near the ocean, stainless steel hinges are designed to resist salt-air environments

Concealed Locking

The NanaWall SL45 features single-handed locking that is hidden inside the panel. No unsightly surface mounted locking. The locking rod engages in two places for added security and is rated to protect from forced entry.

NFRC Rated & Certified

NFRC rated to qualify with the performance method of energy compliance.

Commercially Rated Swing Door

The NanaWall SL45 swing panel has been engineered for "normal" commercial traffic and has been independently tested to half a million opening and closing cycles per AAMA 920.

Sound Control

NANAWALL Flexspace

The NanaWall SL45 is great for interior applications that require adaptability for multi-functional areas and good sound control for privacy

Office Interiors

The NanaWall SL45 is great for interior applications that require acoustical buffering while providing transparency, unlike traditional partition walls.

Operable Storefront

Full Exposure

The NanaWall SL45 performs well in unprotected areas exposed to weather, and wide spans of operable glass make it a better alternative to fixed storefront solutions

German Engineering

NanaWall systems are designed in Germany, providing world-class quality and long-term reliability

Unique to You

Each NanaWall system is custom made to order based on your project and your personal preferences

Wide Openings

NanaWall folding systems can replace walls or doors up to 39’ wide, select systems can go even wider if desired

Built to Perform

NanaWall systems meet or exceed air, water, structural, and forced entry tests for weather, durability, and security


NanaWall systems offer a variety of material options and finishes to coordinate with any design

Ease of Operation

NanaWall systems offer single-handed operation and move smoothly with little effort

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